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Wego becomes fastest loading mobile travel site globally!
Wego mobile travel site

Wego becomes fastest loading mobile travel site globally!

Updated: Apr 28, 2017 06:43 IST     

New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI):, the travel marketplace in the Middle East and Asia Pacific, becomes the fastest loading mobile travel site in the world.
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Owning a freehold luxury home in Shimla just got easier

Updated: Apr 26, 2017 17:48 IST      

Washington D.C. [USA], Apr 26 (ANI): Buying a holiday or second home in the lap of nature remains an attractive real estate investment proposition and now, there's a way to own a freehold luxury home in Shimla.

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Explore the many theme parks of Japan

Updated: Apr 24, 2017 15:22 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr 24 (ANI): Japan, the land of the rising Sun is known for its rich heritage, cultural history and beautiful landscapes but did you know that Japan also hosts a large number of Theme Parks as well?

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Find out what's new in Dubai!

Updated: Apr 22, 2017 15:03 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr. 22 (ANI): Dubai truly never stands still!

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Experience your next trip differently with Airbnb

Updated: Apr 20, 2017 15:57 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr 20 (ANI): Airbnb, the world's leading community-driven hospitality company, has recently launched its latest marketing campaign in India, Live There, designed to encourage people to change the way they experience the world around them.

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The travel gadgets you should invest in

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 13:46 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr 19 (ANI): Be it a one night trip or a long vacation, it's important to have all your utilities in your backpack while traveling.

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Diplomats go treasure hunting on Tuk-Tuks in Delhi

Updated: Apr 17, 2017 17:24 IST      

New Delhi [India], April 17 (ANI-Businesswire India):Over 40 expats and diplomats from Canada, Mexico, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, China and Uzbekistan participated in a "Tuk-Tuk Rally treasure-hunt" organised by and Participating teams had to navigate through the streets of Delhi, find clues, and ride on the "tuk-tuks" or auto-rickshaws.

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Prepare your skin before heading for holiday getaways

Updated: Apr 17, 2017 09:15 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr 16 (ANI): If you are packing your bags for an exotic travel destination, make sure your skin is prepared to face the environmental onslaught of that place.

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New Delhi [India], Apr 15 (ANI): After demonetisation, the travel sector witnessed a rise in the use of plastic money as over 90 percent Indians are booking their holidays via credit or debit cards, according to a survey.

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Here are some budget friendly destinations for you

Updated: Apr 14, 2017 09:07 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr. 14 (ANI): Who doesn't love holidays? And as soon as holidays start, plans for travelling take the front seat.

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Find Out! The best time to book your travel

Updated: Apr 14, 2017 08:30 IST      

New Delhi [India], Apr. 14 (ANI): Last year Skyscanner, the leading global search engine, revealed the top destinations for Indians to look out for in 2017.

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New Delhi [India], Apr 12 (ANI): Over 20 venues, 23 days, 21 countries, 25 world premieres - Art enthusiasts can mark their calendars for Kunstenfestivaldesarts' 22nd festival edition.

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Easy hacks to save money on holiday!

Updated: Apr 10, 2017 05:42 IST      

London [UK], Apr. 10 (ANI): Who doesn't love to travel? Moreover, who doesn't want to gorge in some of the best experiences without having to shed out a lot of money?

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Glorious Ghent - Belgium's best kept Secret!

Updated: Apr 04, 2017 18:46 IST      

New Delhi [India], April 04 (ANI): A foodie's paradise and an Arts and History enthusiast's hub, Flanders - the northern region of Belgium displays these characteristics at its best in the vibrant city of Ghent.

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How to make most of your Bleisure trip?

Updated: Apr 02, 2017 06:44 IST      

New Delhi [India], April 2 (ANI): Befitting into the corporate world often obliges professionals to often travel for work trips away from friends and family and miss important occasions like anniversaries, birthdays etc. At times, travelling for work can turn into fatiguing and unavoidable experiences. It is only recently that newer concepts of travel experience such as 'Bleisure trips' has come as a way out, where corporate travel allows people to take their families along and utilize the business travel time as a small family vacation, among other similar categories, which are still germinating from the changing travel patterns of professionals.

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Washington D.C. [USA], Apr. 1 (ANI): Turns out, antibiotic use for travelers' diarrhea favours particularly resistant super bacteria, increasing the patients' risk of getting an infection.

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City of Murals! Experience Philadelphia like never before

Updated: Mar 28, 2017 22:22 IST      

Philadelphia [US], Mar. 28 (ANI): Mural Arts Philadelphia has created thousands of murals over its more than 30-year history, and each one has a unique story, connecting communities through public art. In 2017, Mural Arts has added new opportunities to hear some of those stories first-hand on several tours that visit a wide swath of neighborhoods across the City of Philadelphia.

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Experience Beverly Hills as a Luxury travel destination

Updated: Mar 27, 2017 19:46 IST      

New Delhi [India], Mar. 27 (ANI): From neighborhood boutique hotels to luxury hotels that are five-star, five diamond retreats; it's easy to fall in love with Beverly Hills.

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Jumpin Heights celebrates 50,000 Bungy Jumps with 'Dangal' girls

Updated: Mar 24, 2017 11:34 IST      

Rishikesh [India], March 24 (ANI): Jumpin Heights, India's Extreme Adventure Zone and India's Highest Bungy Jumping Platform successfully completed 50, 000 Bungy Jumps. To mark this success, a gala event was organised that witnessed participation from over hundred jumpers, locals, and the 'Dangal girls' -Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra, respectively.

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New Delhi [India], Mar. 24 (ANI): Looking for extravagance but don't want to spend a bomb? Does your hunt for hotels always look for a perfect blend of comfort, luxury and budget? With the influx of 'budget brands' in the hotel segment, there has been an ignition of growth in the Hospitality sector, striking an increase in the number of in-bound vacations by 12 per cent.

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