WHO approves use of unproven Ebola drugs  Aug 13, 10:12 am
Washington, Aug 13 (ANI): Ebola drugs that are currently being used to treat some patients in the West Africa are ethically sound, say the World Health Organization officials.
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New technique developed to disrupt malaria genes  Aug 12, 3:11 pm
Washington, Aug 12 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a new way to manipulate genes of parasite that causes malaria disease.
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Short intervals of psychological stress beneficiary for healing skin   Aug 10, 3:32 pm
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A new study done on mice showed that short intervals of acute psychological stress helped them cope with three different types of skin irritations.
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Mice study reveals link between 'lead' and obesity   Aug 10, 1:53 pm
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A new study on mice shows that exposure to 'lead' through their mothers could cause obesity.
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'Diabetes education' reduces BP, blood sugar  Aug 10, 1:20 pm
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A study has revealed that diabetes education helps people to cope with their diabetic condition by reducing blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
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Blueberry consumers prefer taste over health   Aug 10, 1:20 pm
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A study has revealed that most of the blueberry buyers consume the fruit for its taste and not the health benefits.
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Frequent marijuana use leads to memory problems, low IQ in teens  Aug 10, 12:18 pm
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A new study has revealed that frequent marijuana use can lead to cognitive decline, poor attention and memory, and decreased IQ in teenagers and young adults.
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Ebola disease under intense surveillance by government  Aug 10, 10:55 am
New Delhi, Aug. 10 (ANI): The government is maintaining intensive surveillance to prevent the spread of the dreaded Ebola disease in the country.
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Being stress free may help you get clearer skin  Aug 10, 9:43 am
Washington, Aug 10 (ANI): A new study has revealed that stress may be linked to inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea and that it can make inflammatory skin conditions worse.
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How one diabetic drug is beneficial for all revealed  Aug 9, 1:05 pm
Washington, Aug 09 (ANI): A new study has revealed that widely prescribed diabetic drug, metformin, could provide health benefits to both type 2 diabetics as well as people without the disease.
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Study claims social media can harm mental health  Aug 9, 11:29 am
London, Aug 9 (ANI): A new study has suggested that social media like Twitter and Facebook can be harmful to one's mental health.
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There is no standard method for brushing teeth: Study  Aug 9, 10:54 am
Washington, Aug 9 (ANI): A study has revealed that there is no common recommendation on brushing method given by dental associations, toothpaste and toothbrush companies and in dental textbooks, across ten countries.
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Newsroom journalists are likelier victims of PTSD, depression   Aug 8, 5:27 pm
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): A new study claims that journalists who work in the newsroom amidst images of extreme violence face more risk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.
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No need to panic about Ebola: Harsh Vardhan  Aug 8, 5:27 pm
New Delhi, Aug.8 (ANI): Union Health Minister Dr.Harsh Vardhan on Friday assured that there is no need to panic about the Ebola Virus which has become an epidemic in many African nations.
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Weight loss makes you 'healthy', not essentially 'happy'   Aug 8, 4:36 pm
London, Aug 08 (ANI): A new research has revealed that losing weight definitely makes people healthy but it does not necessarily effects on their mental health or mood.
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Harshvardhan dismisses fears about Ebola outbreak in India  Aug 8, 4:36 pm
New Delhi, Aug. 8 (ANI): Union Health Minister Harshvardhan today reassured that no cases of Ebola have been reported anywhere in India and added that there was no need to create any panic about it.
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Woman suffers ' spontaneous orgasms' from Parkinson's drug  Aug 8, 3:02 pm
Melbourne, Aug 08 (ANI): Parkinson's drug, rasagiline, caused a woman to experience uncontrollable orgasms.
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Largest ever genomic study set to revolutionize cancer treatment   Aug 8, 12:36 pm
Washington, Aug 08 (ANI): A new 'largest-of-its-kind' genomic study has offered a new cancer classification system, which could help provide different and better treatment to the patients.
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It's official: Eating at fast food joints does send caloric intake soaring   Aug 8, 10:24 am
Washington, Aug 8 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that adults who eat at both fast food and full-service restaurants have a increased chance of calories, sugar, saturated fat, and sodium intake.
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Encouraging healthy diet among toddlers can help curb childhood obesity  Aug 7, 5:22 pm
London, Aug 07 (ANI): A new study has revealed that promoting healthy eating habits from infancy can help prevent childhood obesity and the onset of chronic disease.
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New gene linked to major breast cancer risk   Aug 7, 10:46 am
Washington, Aug 7 (ANI): A new study has revealed that another gene associated with major breast cancer risk.
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