Smoking puts your sperm at risk  Jun 23, 10:12 am
Washington D.C, Jun 23 (ANI): Do you smoke? You could be unwittingly lowering your sperm quality, a new study warns.
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There's a 'fishy' way to add years to your life!  Jun 23, 10:09 am
Washington D.C, Jun 23 (ANI): You may want to add cold-water fish to your diet as a recent study has found that omega-3s can help reduce mortality.
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Finish your broccoli to stay healthy  Jun 23, 10:09 am
Washington D.C, Jun 23 (ANI): Your mom was right, broccoli is great for you! A new study has given out more reasons to eat this vegetable.
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Listen to Mozart, Strauss to bring your blood pressure down  Jun 22, 12:02 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 22 (ANI): Music has healing powers and now, a recent study has revealed that for those with hypertension, composers Mozart and Strauss are your go-to guys.
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Andaman & Nicobar Lt. Governor urges people to look beyond self, work for larger interest of society and nation  Jun 22, 11:30 am
Port Blair (Andaman and Nicobar Islands), June 22 (ANI): Participating in the 4th Wellness Rules Conclave here earlier this week, the Lt. Governor of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lt. General A.K. Singh, gave a clarion call to all people living on the islands to live in hope and urged them to look beyond self, and work in the larger interest of society and the nation.
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Help daddy stay fit with these easy tips!  Jun 21, 6:44 pm
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): You call him 'Daddy strongest' and look up to him to stay fit. But, at times, your daddy overlooks his health and signs of medical issues hoping the problem will go away on its own.
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Health needs of transgender people remain unmet  Jun 20, 1:31 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 20 (ANI): Despite the recent attention directed toward transgender people, they and their health needs remain unmet, according to a new Series.
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Improved treatment for bladder cancer could soon be on its way  Jun 20, 8:41 am
Washington D.C, Jun 20 (ANI): A new research has paved the way for an improved individual treatment of the patients with bladder cancer.
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Common breast cancer treatment works less in smokers  Jun 20, 8:27 am
Washington D.C, Jun 20 (ANI): A common treatment for breast cancer is less effective in smokers as compared to non-smoking counterparts, according to a new study.
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Exercise can help turn back clock on aging muscles  Jun 20, 7:45 am
Washington D.C, Jun 20 (ANI): Finding a way to stop the ageing process has been an elusive, age-old dream. Now, a team of researchers has found that turning back the clock is as simple as hitting the gym.
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Stick to '5:2 diet' to cut breast cancer risk  Jun 20, 7:31 am
Washington D.C, Jun 20 (ANI): Ladies, you may want to reduce your intake of calories for just two days a week as a recent study has suggested that doing so can lower you risk of breast cancer.
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Viagra can cut heart attack risk  Jun 20, 7:31 am
London, Jun 20 (ANI): The little blue pill that helps men have sex can also be used to ward off heart attacks and heart failures, according to a recent study.
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Single moms at greater risk of heart disease  Jun 19, 1:58 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 19 (ANI): Single working moms, you may want to take extra care of yourselves as according to a recent study, your heart health is most at risk.
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'Yuck factor' may prompt better hand hygiene  Jun 19, 1:12 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 19 (ANI): From politics to commerce to sex, the feeling of disgust can affect you in subtle ways and now, a team of researchers has revealed that the yuck factor can help boost hand hygiene compliance among health care workers.
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Antidepressant use in pregnancy can affect baby's brain  Jun 19, 12:01 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 19 (ANI): Antidepressant use during pregnancy has been associated with a number of fetal and developmental complications and now, a new study has found that it can affect brain activity in newborns.
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E-cigarettes, a 'roadblock' to youth smoking  Jun 18, 9:56 am
Washington D.C, Jun 18 (ANI): Is it a good idea to get in on the vaping trend? According to a new study, e-cigarettes are playing an important role in reducing the likelihood of young people smoking, in many cases acting as a "roadblock" to combustible tobacco.
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Cure for Zika may be on its way   Jun 18, 8:26 am
Washington D.C, Jun 18 (ANI): Doctors could soon have a cure for Zika infection after a team of researchers found a way to disrupt Zika and similar viruses from spreading in the body.
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Middle-age heart fitness tied to teenage weight  Jun 18, 8:26 am
Washington D.C, Jun 18 (ANI): Your weight as a teenager can be a good measure of how well your heart will be doing in middle age, according to a recent study.
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Indians at risk for ignoring lead seeping in tap water  Jun 17, 1:16 pm
New Delhi, Jun 17 (ANI): The water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan has fueled concerns about how much lead is coming out of taps in homes across India.
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Awakening from Alzheimer's possible  Jun 17, 9:33 am
Washington D.C, Jun 17 (ANI): Currently, no treatment can stop Alzheimer's disease, but now, a new study has offered hope by showing that it possible to reverse memory loss in the patients.
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Long work hours put women at cancer, heart risks  Jun 17, 8:03 am
Washington D.C, Jun 17 (ANI): Racking up the hours at our desks may lead to a promotion or a pay rise in the short run, but over the long run, it backfires on women.
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