Text messages may help smokers kick the butt  May 24, 7:29 am
Washington D.C, May 24 (ANI): The next time your phone dings, you could be reading a text message that inspires you to stub that cigarette butt.
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Now, a device for early detection of cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's  May 23, 9:39 am
Washington D.C, May 23 (ANI): A team of researchers has come up with a biosensor that is capable of detecting molecules associated with neurodegenerative diseases and some types of cancer.
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Mice find helps spot colon cancer-predicting events  May 23, 7:55 am
Washington D.C, May 23 (ANI): Identifying those at an increased risk of developing colon cancer is crucial and now, a team of researchers has pointed out a way to detect the disease early in us.
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Reversing chemo-resistance in ovarian cancer with immune cells  May 22, 2:54 pm
Washington D.C, May 22 (ANI): Immune cells can help reverse chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer, according to a recent study.
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Triple-therapy cocktail offers new hope for hard-to-treat breast cancer  May 22, 10:05 am
Washington D.C, May 22 (ANI): Triple negative breast cancer can be more aggressive and difficult to treat, but now, a team of researchers may have found a new treatment option for it.
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How does obesity take its toll on distant organs?  May 22, 8:01 am
Washington D.C, May 22 (ANI): How obesity causes disease in the organs that are distant from those where the fat accumulates is not well-known. Now, a team of scientists has taken an important step towards understanding the links between obesity and the related, yet physically distant, diseases it causes.
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How immune cells trigger inflammation unveiled  May 21, 2:16 pm
Washington D.C, May 21 (ANI): A team of researchers has now identified how immune cells trigger inflammation, a discovery that may pave the way for new treatments for many human diseases.
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Paras Hospital initiative gives kidney patients, caregivers ray of hope  May 21, 1:32 pm
Gurgaon (Haryana), May 21 (ANI): KIdney patients and caregivers in Gurgaon, Haryana, are taking part in the activities of a support group called "Utsaah", which is a dedicated initiative for their welfare.
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Zika virus mystery cracked  May 21, 1:32 pm
Washington D.C, May 21 (ANI): A team of researchers from Tianjin University has solved the structure of the Zika virus helicase, which is a key target for antiviral development.
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Lancet slammed over `low-salt diet risking heart` study  May 21, 1:02 pm
London, May 21 (ANI): The prestigious medical journal The Lancet has garnered strong reaction for publishing an academic paper that claimed eating too little salt can risk hearts.
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WHO says life expectancy has increased by five years since 2000, but health inequalities persist  May 19, 5:47 pm
Geneva (Switzerland), May 19 (ANI): Dramatic gains in life expectancy have been made globally since 2000, but major inequalities persist within and among countries, according to this year's "World Health Statistics: Monitoring Health for the SDGs".
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Here`s why we need HIV vaccine  May 19, 2:08 pm
New Delhi, May 19 (ANI): May 18 marks the HIV Vaccine Awareness Day that commemorates U.S. President Bill Clinton's 1997 declaration that, "only a truly effective, preventive HIV vaccine can limit and eventually eliminate the threat of AIDS."
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1 in 10 people with mental health going untreated in India  May 19, 12:57 pm
Washington D.C, May 19 (ANI): One third of the global burden of mental illness falls on China and India, where a vast mental health treatment gap exists, according to a recent study.
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India, China home to one-third of mentally ill people  May 19, 12:57 pm
Washington D.C, May 19 (ANI): According to a recent study, China and India together account for one-third of global burden of mental illness, but only a tiny fraction of the patients receive medical help.
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Antibacterial soaps, toothpaste not as harmful as thought  May 19, 12:11 pm
Washington D.C, May 19 (ANI): An agent used in many antibacterial products might not be as harmful as some had feared, according a new study.
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Smoking can help you shed those extra kilos  May 19, 7:19 am
Washington D.C, May 19 (ANI): Turns out, all those smoking supermodels were actually on to something.
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Zika virus expected to spread in Europe in late spring and summer: WHO  May 18, 4:20 pm
Copenhagen (Denmark), May 18 (ANI): The overall risk of a Zika virus outbreak across the WHO European Region is low to moderate during late spring and summer, according to a new risk assessment published today by the WHO Regional Office for Europe.
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PSRI hospital brings CO2 laser surgery to North India  May 18, 3:12 pm
Washington D.C, May 18 (ANI): Now, damsels in distress can undergo CO2 laser laparoscopy in North India, thanks to PSRI hospital.
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One third of female doctors have been sexually harassed  May 18, 2:00 pm
Washington D.C, May 18 (ANI): Thirty percent of female physicians face sexual harassment on the job, according to a recent study.
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Too many potatoes put you at high BP risk  May 18, 12:45 pm
Washington D.C, May 18 (ANI): You may want to cut down on your potato consumption as a new study has suggested that they can raise your risk for having high blood pressure.
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Eating past 8 p.m. won't make your kids fat  May 18, 10:36 am
Washington D.C, May 18 (ANI): It's a long held belief among dieters that eating after 8 p.m. can lead to a greater weight gain, but now, a team of researchers has reported finding no such link.
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