Curious case of men's, women's buttons  May 14, 7:30 am
Melbourne, May 14 (ANI): It's not just the size and how they are cut, women's and men's shirts also differ in how they are oriented.
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`Mesmerizing` India Beach Fashion week set to hit Goa shores  May 13, 3:59 pm
New Delhi, May 13 (ANI) The most awaited summer fashion and lifestyle gala is all set to grip Goa and draw crowds to the 'sun n sand' city for a mesmerizing weekend with the India Beach Fashion week (IBFW) Season 3 kicking off on May 20th 2016.
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`Runway to New Zealand` brings cross-cultural fashion to ramp  May 13, 3:48 pm
New Delhi, May 13 (ANI): Education New Zealand (ENZ) and Fashion Design Council of India hosted the 'Runway to New Zealand,' an interesting fashion fiesta, in the capital, today.
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Turning back the clock for cosmopolitan women  May 12, 5:10 pm
New Delhi, May 12 (ANI): The role of a woman has immensely changed over the last couple of decades. Today's woman is educated and well-informed. She is versatile and efficiently multitasks and balances work and home. She is conscious about her looks and also of her health and fitness. In spite of a hectic demanding lifestyle, she has to look youthful, healthy and fit.
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Now, Fashion Brooder to help newbies go pro  May 12, 1:35 pm
By Pallavi Aman Singh
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Body image is related to life satisfaction: study   May 11, 11:11 am
Washington D.C., May 11 (ANI): A new research says overall life satisfaction is related to appearance and weight.
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Eating seafood once a week reduces age-related memory loss  May 11, 10:04 am
Washington D.C., May 11 (ANI): A new research says, eating a meal of seafood or other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids at least once a week may protect against age-related memory loss and thinking problems in older people.
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Vagina art can't charge artist guilty, rules Japanese court  May 10, 2:33 pm
Melbourne, May 10 (ANI): Displaying figurines modelled on vagina is not something that will charge an artist guilty; rather it signals a step towards freedom of expression.
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Wolfgang and Company secretly howls into Delhi's nightlife  May 9, 5:50 pm
New Delhi, May 9 (ANI): Calling all alphas to a new destination in town!
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FDCI, Education New Zealand promote cross-cultural fashion  May 9, 4:42 pm
New Delhi, May 9 (ANI): The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) and Education New Zealand (ENZ) will be organising a fashion event 'Runway to New Zealand' based on the theme "Future World Connection", in New Delhi on May 12, 2016.
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FDCI collaborates with Pearl Academy to make future designers   May 9, 2:35 pm
New Delhi, May 9 (ANI): The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), which is aiming to create future designers, has joined hands with Pearl Academy to fulfill the same.
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Here`s why couples should be friends first  May 8, 8:24 am
London, May 8 (ANI): You may want to consider putting your potential partner into the friend zone first as a new study suggests so.
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`Orgasmic birth` on the rise  May 7, 12:30 pm
London, May 7 (ANI): Most mothers will not describe giving birth as an "orgasmic" experience, but apparently, it can be. Now, a recent study suggests that an increasing number of women are having "birthgasms."
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Mysterious disease in Wyeth's 'Christina's World' diagnosed  May 7, 8:29 am
Washington D.C, May 7 (ANI): In a field of long, yellow grass, a young woman is lying on the ground, gazing at a farmhouse on an idyllic summer day.
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We're bad at judging who our friends are  May 6, 10:48 am
Washington D.C, May 6 (ANI): Turns out, we are bad judges of friendship. A new study has found that most of the time, the bond is like a one-way street as only half of your friends consider you a friend in return.
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Many Brits don't count `sexting` as cheating  May 2, 2:07 pm
London, May 2 (ANI): Apparently, over a third of Britons doesn't consider sending sexual texts and images to another person as "cheating," suggests a survey.
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Kids with two dads are well adjusted  May 1, 4:58 pm
Washington D.C, May 1 (ANI): Children of gay dads grow up just as well behaved and adjusted as those from any heterosexual family units, according to a recent study.
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