Uber introduces UberCommute, a new car pooling service in China  Sep 23, 3:59 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 23 (ANI): Uber has launched UberCommute, a new carpooling service that allows drivers to pick up passengers along with their commute and split the cost of their trip.
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Microsoft releases Office 2016 for Windows, Mac  Sep 23, 3:59 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 23 (ANI): Microsoft has released its latest Office 2016.
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Mozilla's latest Firefox browser comes with instant messaging, account profile  Sep 23, 3:59 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 23 (ANI): Mozilla has released Firefox 41 browser for desktop and android users
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Instagram reaches 400 million users in just 9 months after hitting 300 million  Sep 23, 2:14 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 23 (ANI): Instagram has announced that it has hit another milestone by reaching 400 million monthly active users (MAU).
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Google's Gmail now allows blocking, unsubscribing annoying senders on the Web, Android   Sep 23, 2:14 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 23 (ANI): Google has announced that it is releasing an update for Gmail that will allow the users to block unwanted email senders easily.
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Periscope update now allows you to see if someone take screenshots during stream  Sep 23, 2:14 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 23 (ANI): Twitter owned Periscope has released a new version for the iOS that allows them to see is the viewers are taking screenshots during their stream.
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New `SafePay` method to prevent credit card fraud   Sep 22, 5:35 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 22 (ANI): Researchers have developed a novel technique called 'SafePay' which is a secure method to prevent mass credit card fraud using existing magnetic card readers.
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Uber starts 'Uber Pool' in Bengaluru  Sep 22, 4:38 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 22 (ANI): Uber has launched its car pooling service called 'Uber Pool' in India.
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Opera introduces new logo, brand identity  Sep 22, 4:38 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 22 (ANI): Opera Software has introduced a new logo and brand identity.
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Yahoo Mail update now allows users to view email, attachments simultaneously  Sep 22, 4:38 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 22 (ANI): Yahoo has released a new version of its mail for desktop that allows the users to view both their email and attachments side-by-side.
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Dropbox new 'Team' feature simplifies collaboration  Sep 22, 2:22 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 22 (ANI): Dropbox has announced that it is launching a new team feature for both its Basic and Pro users that allows small teams to organize and share their files more easily.
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Apple releases update watchOS 2 for Apple Watch after delay  Sep 22, 2:22 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 22 (ANI): Apple has officially launched watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch.
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Skype suffers from major outage across the globe  Sep 21, 9:52 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 21 (ANI): Skype has gone down for the users around the world.
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Amazon Echo speakers update brings Trove that reads top news headlines  Sep 21, 2:22 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 21 (ANI): Amazon has added a new option to its voice-guided Echo speaker in an update.
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Apple suffers first major security breach, removes infected App Store apps  Sep 21, 1:34 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 21 (ANI): Apple has reported its first sustained security breach on its iOS software platform.
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Microsoft's Band 2 images leaks on the Internet  Sep 21, 1:34 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 21 (ANI): Microsoft's new wearable hardware Band 2 images have leaked on the Internet.
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What makes online campaigns successful?  Sep 21, 1:07 pm
Washington D.C, Sept. 21 (ANI): A recent study has suggested that online campaigns about humanitarian crises need to be more surprising in order to successfully engage the public.
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Ford launches apps which allows drivers to remotely control door locks  Sep 17, 5:38 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 17 (ANI): American automaker Ford has updated its MyFord Mobile app on Android and iOS.
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Google update Slides on Android to add new lock screen control feature  Sep 17, 5:38 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 17 (ANI): Google has released an update of its Slides app on Android with a couple of useful features.
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YouTube announces live streaming of Android games on YouTube Gaming, Japanese version  Sep 17, 5:38 pm
Washington D. C., Sept. 17 (ANI): YouTube has announced that the android phone users would soon be able to live stream their mobile gaming sessions directly to the service.
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Dropbox updates iOS app for faster navigation, 3D touch support  Sep 17, 4:20 pm
Amsterdam, Sept. 17 (ANI): Dropbox has announced an update of its app for iOS.
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