US military building a stealth motorcycle  Apr 16, 12:08 pm
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): The US military has issued a grant for the development of a stealth motorcycle.
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Google spoils 'Game of Thrones' suspense   Apr 15, 6:03 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Google's 'hot searches' is reportedly spoiling the suspense of the latest episode of TV series, Game of Thrones.
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Now, a device that lets users pay off bills by 'scanning' their palms  Apr 15, 6:03 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): A Swedish student has reportedly figured an interesting way to pay off bills by using a palm scanner called Quixter that reads the unique pattern of blood vessels in one's hand.
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'Glow in the dark' road lights up Netherland highway   Apr 15, 4:50 pm
London, Apr.15 (ANI): A "glow in the dark" road was recently unveiled on a 500m stretch of highway in Netherlands that contained a "photo-luminizing" powder that would charges it up in the daytime and would slowly emit a green glow at night.
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Google could boost search rank for 'encrypted' sites  Apr 15, 4:50 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Websites using encryption may soon receive more prominent search rankings by Google.
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Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 8.1 to developers   Apr 15, 4:19 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Microsoft is reportedly releasing Windows Phone 8.1 for registered developers.
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Now, dating app that expresses user's sexual intentions  Apr 15, 3:36 pm
Washington, Apr.15 (ANI): A new dating app called Heavenly Sinful has been developed that will reportedly express one's sexual intentions.
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Now, bluetooth enabled footwear to help joggers from getting lost  Apr 15, 2:59 pm
London, April 15 (ANI): Researchers have developed a footwear that uses bluetooth to signal the user's mobile phone's mapping system to navigate.
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Apple developing 12-inch tablet, large iPhone  Apr 15, 2:26 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Apple is reportedly manufacturing a 12-inch 'tablet' and a large iPhone, a Chinese-language report has revealed.
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Asus launches much-awaited 'FonePad 7' dual SIM tablet  Apr 15, 2:26 pm
New Delhi, Apr 11, (ANI): Asus has launched a 7-inch HD tablet with 3G-connectivity that supports phone features on dual SIM mode.
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Microsoft set to update Office Online   Apr 15, 2:26 pm
Washington, Apr 15 ( ANI): Microsoft is reportedly planning to update its Web-based Office Online suite.
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Blackberry set to release Heartbleed updates for BBM Messenger  Apr 15, 1:54 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Blackberry has reportedly come up with a set of Heartbleed updates for its BBM messenger.
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LG's OLED TV sees slower growth than expected   Apr 15, 1:54 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): LG's record breaking 77-inch OLED TV has reportedly seen a slower roll out than expected.
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18 pc US Internet users had important personal data stolen: Survey  Apr 15, 1:54 pm
Islamabad, Apr. 15 (ANI): Nearly 18 percent of US Internet users have had their important personal data stolen, a new survey has found.
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Facebook set to launch 'e-wallet service' in Europe  Apr 15, 1:54 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Facebook is gearing up to launch its e-wallet service that lets users store money on their social account to spend across the Web.
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Volvo designs rear-facing inflatable seat for toddlers  Apr 14, 5:52 pm
Washington, Apr 14 (ANI): Volvo has reportedly come up with an inflatable car seat, designed exclusively for infant and toddler safety.
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Microsoft releases self-satire game to sendoff windows XP  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): Microsoft has created a video game ahead of ending windows XP, in which users fight components of windows XP to send it back forever.
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New app lets users share pictures and location in fun way  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): A new app called TapTalk, has entered the Android and iOS market that allows users to share video and pictures in a whole new way.
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HP report says 80 percent app vulnerabilities are users' fault  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): A recent report by HP showed that 80 percent of the vulnerabilities, which an app faces, are user's fault.
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Microsoft to make Live Tiles more interactive  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): Microsoft is planning to make Live Tiles more interactive by adding more interactive features.
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Google says it never copied iPhone features for Android  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr. 13 (ANI): A Google executive has reportedly said that Google engineers have never copied Apple's iPhone features for use in Android.
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