Your brain structure depends on how trusting you are of others  Mar 22, 10:53 am
Washington, Mar.22 (ANI): A new study has revealed that brain structure depends on how trusting people are of others.
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Cavemen ate 'elephants' 0.5M yrs ago to sharpen their brains  Mar 21, 2:33 pm
London, March 21 (ANI): Prehistoric cavemen used to hunt and eat elephants half a million years ago, to boost their intelligence, scientists have claimed.
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New Alzheimer's drug slows disease progress in early trial  Mar 21, 11:15 am
London, Mar 21 (ANI): An experimental drug for Alzheimer's disease has already exceeded high expectations in an early study.
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'Long-sought culprit' in mystery behind heart failure identified  Mar 20, 10:45 am
Washington, Mar 20 (ANI): A team of researchers has identified "the long-sought culprit" in the mystery behind a cell-signaling breakdown that triggers heart failure.
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'Hind-leg walking' croc ancestors ruled North America before dinosaurs   Mar 20, 10:06 am
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Before dinosaurs took control, it were the crocodilian ancestors who ruled as North America's top predators, suggests new findings.
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We get more trusting as we age   Mar 20, 9:47 am
Washington, Mar 20 (ANI): A new study has shed light on a bright side to getting older suggesting that getting older doesn't necessarily make people cynical and suspicious.
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Our eyes 'see' what they want  Mar 20, 9:37 am
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Even when we need to focus on just one dimension of an object, our eyes tend to take not of several others like color, texture, and luminance, whether we want to or not, says a new research.
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Green tea can even make MRI`s sharper  Mar 19, 2:30 pm
Washington, March 19 (ANI): Green tea has been deemed good for health, skin, brain function etc, and now it is even good for improving the image quality of MRIs.
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Eye movements reflect our moral decisions  Mar 19, 2:30 pm
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that moral decisions can be influenced by eye tracking.
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Shut artificial lights of your smartphones to avoid being sick   Mar 19, 1:58 pm
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that inadequate exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night can make one sick.
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Bodily posture critical in boosting infant's memory, learning  Mar 19, 11:57 am
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A robot model for infant learning has shown that bodily posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge.
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New drug shows hope for Hodgkin lymphoma patients  Mar 19, 11:14 am
London, March 19 (ANI): Scientists tested a new drug for adults with hard-to-treat Hodgkin lymphoma, and found that if it was given immediately after a stem cell transplant, it makes the patients survive without the disease progressing for twice as long as those given placebo helped them.
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Key brain cells that drive circadian rhythm identified   Mar 18, 4:51 pm
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): A team of researchers has identified key cells within the brain that are critical for determining circadian rhythms, the 24-hour processes that control sleep and wake cycles, as well as other important body functions such as hormone production, metabolism, and blood pressure.
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Long-lost 17 m-yr-old whale fossil provides exact date of East Africa's uplift onset  Mar 18, 2:59 pm
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): A team of scientists has rediscovered a 17 million year old fossil of a beaked whale once native to East Africa.
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Arctic sea ice meltdown leaving marine mammals' future uncertain  Mar 18, 2:18 pm
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): A first-ever effort to gauge the ecological status of marine mammals living in the Arctic has been revealed.
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'Chicken-and-egg' dilemma for life's origin on Earth may have been solved  Mar 18, 1:15 pm
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): A team of researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum.
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'Baking soda' can also help us see better  Mar 18, 12:43 pm
Washington, March 18 (ANI): It is well known that baking soda serves many purposes, but now scientists have revealed how it may also improve our vision.
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9th century Viking era ring with 'For Allah' engraved unearthed in Sweden  Mar 18, 11:31 am
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Scientists have discovered an ancient 9th century Viking era ring in Sweden, which has the words 'For Allah' engraved upon it.
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Erectile dysfunction drug may relieve nerve damage in men with diabetes  Mar 18, 11:01 am
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Drugs used for erectile dysfunction can also relieve male diabetes patients from the pain caused by life-threatening nerve damage.
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Free breakfast yields better performance in students from poor families  Mar 18, 11:01 am
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): Free breakfasts can make students from low-income families perform better, leading to good grades, claims a new study.
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New compound prevents onset of type 1 diabetes in animal models  Mar 18, 10:51 am
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): A team of scientists has tested a potent synthetic compound that prevents type 1 diabetes in animal models of the disease.
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