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Perfect 15-minute workout for a sculpted arms and abs

Updated: Oct 29, 2016 13:05 IST      
Perfect 15-minute workout for a sculpted arms and abs

New Delhi [India], Oct. 29 (ANI): A toned body seldom goes out of fashion or good health!

Given the present day times, when our lives have become much too hectic, it is a task in itself to take time out to focus on fitness, proper diet and nutrition. With an intention to help everyone get the maximum benefits and make time for fitness amongst their busy routines, I am sharing a special workout for arms and abs, which can be done under 15 minutes.

In addition to toning arms, shoulders and abs, the workout primarily trains the core strength of the body! Hence, follow this regimen, not only to tone up your abs and arms, but to gain a stronger, healthier and fitter body!

Following are few tips by Kiran Krishnakumar, Delhi based fitness trainer.

Firstly, warm up with plank to dolphin.

Plank to Dolphin movement warms up the core of the body, along with arms and abs, hence setting the right tone for the rest of the workout. Warmed up shoulders are able to better endure the push-ups, which is the next exercise in the regimen that we are getting at.

The method is fairly simple, begin with a forearm plank, make sure that the arms are parallel to each other, with palms flat on the floor. Now, by raising the hips and back, try and form an inverted V with your body. Pause; breathe normally, slowly lowering your bank, resuming the first position of the forearm plank. Repeat for a minute for the best results.

Secondly, push-ups never go out of fashion.

There's only one exercise that works amazingly on shoulders, arms and abs! So Push-ups are a complete win for any fitness enthusiast. However, since we were doing planks before, we can change the traditional push-ups slightly.

Begin with the high plank position as stated in the previous exercise, keeping your spine long and shoulders above the wrists. Lower the body by bending your elbows, getting your body closer to the ground. If need be, drop to your knees. Pushing your way back up through the palms, try and straighten your arms. Continue the same for a minute at least for best results.

Thirdly, include shoulder taps to planking.

This one change tests the core strengths of the body and helps in strengthening the same. Start with the high plank position, with your feet placed hip-distance apart. Now, tap each shoulder with the opposite hand. Channelize your glutes and core strength to maintain stability, while keeping hips still. Continue the same exercise for a minute, to enjoy the best results.

Fourthly, work the sides with forearm side plank.

You cannot really have a complete core workout without training the sides. The side plank is not only challenging, but gives your body the extra amount of oomph it deserves. Start the forearm side plank on your left side and make sure your left elbow is resting comfortably on the floor below your shoulder. Raise your right arm to put it behind your head.

Rotate your torso in a way that you right elbow comes close to the left hand. For best results, don't let your hips fall, utilizing all your gluten and core strength to maintain the posture.

Fifthly, revive your abs with bicycle crunches.

This is quite a simple exercise and yet works wonderfully in toning the mid-rib section of the body. Emphasize on making the opposite knee and arm meet, or come the closest possible. While going through multiple repetitions in quick succession, ensure that your back is kept straight. To support the torso, you may put your hands behind your head or under your hips and continue with the same movement.

Sixthly, hold the boat pose.

The quintessential boat pose works on the abs and is perhaps the best test of endurance and fitness. With your chest lifted and belly drawn in, feet lifted up legs facing the ceiling, forming a complete V in the process, hold the position.

Ideally, you should be able to hold the position for a minute at least. However, need not push yourself too much in the beginning; try and achieve the hold of over a minute within the first few weeks of getting started!(ANI)

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