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Ab Crack: The all-new, exciting fitness fad

Updated: Nov 26, 2016 11:34 IST
New Delhi [India], Nov.26 (ANI): If you are still crazing over the six pack ab trend, you have perhaps missed out a crucial new body trend that has gone viral across the world social media: The Ab Crack!

Yes, you heard it right. The world has discovered a new flamboyant cousin to the six-pack in a new desirable body feature: the ab crack that refers to a thin visible crease or line of divide between your abs.

The term ab crack was first coined in July and has since then been the buzzword on social media, with many young women and men turning to fitness experts, aesthetic physicians and surgeons to find out how to get a perfect crack between the abdomen muscles.

Dr Sanjay Parashar, Cocoona Centre of Aesthetic Transformation, says that advances in medical science and wellness techniques have made it possible for men and women to achieve their desired body features using aesthetic transformation methodologies. People desirous of making it big in the glamour sector are generally more enchanted with sculpturing their body in a way never seen before.

In the last few months, the hashtag of this workout goal has undoubtedly taken Instagram and Twitter by storm, with celebrities like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, and Victoria's Secret supermodels posing and posting pictures of their toned abs with an 'eye-catchy' line going down the middle.

The abdominal wall has two strap muscles going down on both sides, creating the appearance of a six-pack. These two muscles are separated by a fibrous layer known as 'linea alba' (which essentially evolves into the ab crack). You may get to notice a line extending from the center of the ribcage and going down your stomach, once you start working out intensely on your abs, maybe taking those 14 ab exercises recommended by celebrity fitness trainers. However, for people who are not into such strenuous workouts, there are easier alternate ways to incorporate this fitness trend into your contour. This feature is easily achievable by a simple ab crack designing surgical procedure that is safe and quick, explains Parashar.

He further continued that abdominal etching is achieved easily by a surgeon using Liposculpture procedure that improves body contour by removing fat cells between the skin and underlying muscles. Liposculpture can facilitate in achieving an ab crack design as this technique improves body contour, removes bulges, and tightens up specific problem areas of the body. Assisted liposuction or abdominal etching can also be useful techniques. Whereas modified abdominal etching helps in thinning of our abdominal fat pad and carving out the linea albe, full abdominal etching adds transverse inscriptions that help in building the six packs.

In fact, in recent months a number of people, especially those who are either already into fashion or showbiz or are looking to make a career in these fields, have been inquiring (and undergoing) the procedure to magically develop an ab-crack.

Here is all you need to know about this new trend that is grabbing many eyeballs in the fitness arena:

When it comes to any sort of fitness or body trend, people who are naturally thin and love to maintain a low-fat diet always gain an edge over others. Ideally, people aged between 20 to 35 should go for this 'body avatar'. However, if you feel you are fit enough, there can possibly be no age bar.

Body reshaping results show up quickly among people who have negligible body fat present. Men should try to maintain less than 9% and women around 12-14 percent of body fat before they eye to achieve an ab crack. The fat over the fibrous layer 'linea alba' is thin, and becomes even thinner and visible on workout if you have low body fat percentage.

While it may apparently look great to tweak your body to perfection, you need to regularly exercise and maintain a balanced diet to maintain your ab crack. Also, make sure to sleep more and eat refined foods less. Lack of adequate sleep and consuming too much processed carbohydrates and added sugar can make your body inflamed and act as a great hurdle in achieving the ab crack.

Not necessary, of course, that everyone should have a lot of time for sit-ups, core workouts and dieting. Cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries optimize results for fitness lovers, facilitating their physical enhancement and reshaping the body into a desirable contour by removing excessive fat and skin from particular areas of the body where you need to achieve the transformation (ab crack, in this case).

Last but not the least, before you go for it, make sure you consult a surgeon well-versed in aesthetic physical transformation as well an educated fitness trainer to discuss all pros and cons. Figure out the best possible way to do it and flaunt your ab crack soon enough! (ANI)

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