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Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali showcases India's first robotic-arm technology for orthopaedic surgeries

Updated: Oct 10, 2016 18:07 IST

Mohali (Chandigarh) [India], Oct.10 (ANI-Businesswire India): Leading healthcare provider of the country, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali, showcased India's first robotic arm for joint replacement surgery, last evening.

The revolutionary technology was unveiled at The Elite Arthroplasty Congress 2016 (EAC 2016) organised by Max Elite Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali, from 8th - 9th October, 2016.

The introduction of robotic arm - assisted technology marks a major breakthrough in treatment for not just specialists but also patients. Previously, patients underwent joint-replacement surgeries which involved hospital stay over a period of minimum 5-7 days. With advanced robotics entering the field of orthopaedics, patients can now receive treatment in a manner similar to day-care surgeries.

This has been made possible because the robotic system is capable of 'multi compartmental knee replacement surgery', which essentially means that only the damaged part of the knee is resurfaced. This obviates the need for a total knee surgery, which is a much more invasive procedure. The robot also eliminates any possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment leading to the longevity of the joint.

"Traditional joint-replacement surgeries meant blood loss, high-risk of infection, probability of human errors, less precision and a huge amount of discomfort and pain. Ninety percent of my patients dread knee-replacement surgeries simply because they dread the restrictions and discomfort post-surgery. Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology completely eliminates this problem. It also eliminates the minutest chance of any 'human error' during surgery. The technology does not require the entire joint to be replaced. Only a small surface of the patient's joint will be surgically fixed promising unconstrained and quality motion and easy flexion or ability to bend one's joint. Robotic-Arm Assisted System has been creating waves overseas in the field of Orthopaedic Surgeries, for many years now. We are proud to demonstrate this technology in India for the first time." said Dr. Manuj Wadhwa, Director and Course Director, Max Elite Institute of Orthopaedics, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali.

He further added, "Max Healthcare has always believed in bringing world-class technology to its patients. With this technology over 50,000 Robotic Arm Assisted Hip and Knee procedures have been performed worldwide since 2006. Now, with Max Healthcare successfully demonstrating this technology for the first time in India, our patients in the future will have access to its many benefits."

At least 10 percent of patients undergoing joint replacement surgeries in India, despite their success, experience substantial functional impairment. Many need a revision surgery in a few years' time. For example, Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a common and successful treatment for end-stage osteoarthritis (India is predicted to become the osteoarthritis capital of the world with over 1 lakh cases by 2025). There are more than 600,000 primary TKAs performed annually, with an annual growth rate of 10 percent. The main goals of TKA are aimed at relieving pain, improving the patient's quality of life and restoring function while optimizing implant longevity.

However, several factors including surgical technique, polyethylene wear, loosening, preoperative co-morbidities and pain levels, have been shown to be associated with failure after TKA. Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology will eliminate these factors. It will reduce the revision rate to almost less than one percent.

Surgical techniques introduced for the first time in the country, by Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali, at MEAC 2016:

Robotic-Arm Assisted Technology for Joint Replacement Surgery

Journey II - A Robotic System of surgery specifically designed for Unicompartmental Knee Replacement. Anatomically Driven round - on - flat design and durability because of No Metal Sensitivity make it an ideal choice for young active patients.

Expert Revision Knee System - The implant has been developed by using Vitamin E for the first time in revision system. This also neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals. These aspects will increase longevity, which is a major problem in Revision Knee Surgery procedures.

Legion HK (Hinged Knee) system - It is non-dislocating. Kinematic Guided Motion provides a natural range of motion and the bone-sparing design not only alleviates patients' symptoms, but also restores an almost natural knee function.

Anthem: Total Knee system

Accolade and MDM total Hip Replacement System. (ANI-Businesswire India)

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