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Organ Donation Day: Facts to know when looking for organ transplantation

Updated: Aug 13, 2017 09:18 IST      
Organ Donation Day: Facts to know when looking for organ transplantation

New Delhi [India], August 13 (ANI): There are a large number of people still waiting for a transplant and it is a fact that these patients will succumb to their ailments due to an insufficient number of organ donors.

The ratio gap between organ donors and the patients in need of the organ like liver, kidney, a heart, etc. is mammothian and this relative difference in numbers is not going to close anytime in the near future.

Under such a circumstance, the relatives of the patient will do anything to secure an organ and see their loved ones live a little extended life.

Here are few facts to consider when looking for organ transplantation, says Dr. SatishChandra, Medical Expert of Credihealth.

-3D Printing

The emergence of this new technology holds a great promise to revolutionize the whole organ transplant industry. This machine has the capability to materialize any object almost out of nothing and this feature of the printer has attracted the attention of many doctors. It not fictional anymore that one day we might see a developed version of this 3D printer that can make your organs for you.

-Extra Kidneys

When the thought of an organ transplant comes to mind it is usually thought that the old dysfunctional organ will be removed and replaced by one that is functional and healthy. But, it's not the case with kidneys; in a normal kidney transplant, the organs are not removed. It is due to the intricate location of the kidney; the doctor, therefore, leaves the two kidneys intact and places the transplant somewhere else in the patient's body.

-A Match does not Guarantee Acceptance of the Organ

Just securing an organ for transplant is not enough to save the life of the patient. It is pivotal that the patient's body accepts the organ. Earlier, an organ transplant patient could not survive for very long because our immune system sees the organ as a foreign body and starts to attack it in the vain attempt to protect itself. Therefore, it is essential that the organ is the closest match possible.

-Life Expectancy

You must have seen it in many popular movies that the relative of a person struggles to secure an organ and in the climax, they finally come across one and the patient and the loved one spend a merry life thereafter. But it's not the case; there are several complications and very frequent visits to the doctor. A person is considered to be lucky if they live for a decade after the transplant. This is mainly due to organ rejection by the body.

The demand for organ donation is increasing day by day. The reason for this can be several and the paramount among the reasons is a lack of education about organ donations. Combining the population of India and China, it accounts for nearly one-third of the total world population and the numbers of donors in these countries are the least in ratio of the population.

Educating the benefits of becoming an organ donor in these countries can solve half of the world's problems. Securing an organ for your loved ones might be the most onerous task that you can come across. There is a whole black market capable of providing the required organ for the right price.

But, there are several risks involved with it that could prove fatal for your loved ones. Therefore, think hard about your choices before deciding on the source and institute of organ transplantation. (ANI)

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