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Smaaash through virtual reality at Gurgaon's new gaming destination

Updated: Jul 29, 2016 14:20 IST      
Smaaash through virtual reality at Gurgaon's new gaming destination

By Ashish Kumar Singh

New Delhi, July 29 (ANI): Gone are the days when kids used to catch-up in the evening in their colony parks to hangout or to play nation's favourite game Cricket.

With the changing time and technology, arcade gaming zones gradually took over the green lush parks and they soon became kids' new favourite place to hangout.

Taking a notch higher to up the game, a world class gaming centre and one of its kind in the world Smaaash was opened in Delhi/NCR in 2014.

There are plethora of arcade gaming zones in the national capital, then why should one head to Smaaash to have a gala time with your friends or family.

The reason is simple. Smaaash, located in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon, offers a lot more than your run-of-the-mill banquet hall and gaming center.

Brain child of the multi-faceted Mr. Shripal Morakhia, the gaming centre has developed a unique concept that blends sports, music and dining into an immersive and involved social entertainment experience.

Loaded with thrilling and recreational attractions, this Gurgaon's gaming zone presents an unmatched range of games that offers a superlative virtual-reality experience for the adventure freaks.

Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has been roped in as the Smaaash Brand Ambassador, whereas Virat Kohli is the Smaaash Youth Icon and Cristiano Ronaldo is the Smaaash Soccer Star.

Arcade gaming enthusiasts can try their hands on virtual games as well and they won't disappoint you.

One can channel their inner Sachin Tendulkar or Don Bradman at the Smaaash Cricket Simulator or race against the time in the F1 race and not forgetting the basics, the gaming zone also offers you to test your bowling skills. (P.S. It is always over crowded).

The Vertigo, Walk the Plank may be visually simple but extremely intense to experience. Groups can also go to War on Wheels for the utmost adrenaline rush at the venue.

The gaming zone not only has great games but imbibed with a well-dedicated food section. Unforked Cafe & Bar will be at your service with scrumptious food and chilled beer to feed your hungry soul.

The loud music will make sure you never get tired and keep your dancing shoes on.

Smaaash has not only redefined sports entertainment, but also raised the bar for customer engagement. This innovative entertainment and active engagement is what defines that one will definitely have a blast at the venue.

Smaaash, located amidst the corporate hub in Gurgaon, is the perfect gaming zone to cheer up the laidback gamer in you.

Put your Smaaash game on! (ANI)

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