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Here are some tips to style yourself in Boho outfit

Updated: Aug 29, 2016 16:46 IST      
Here are some tips to style yourself in Boho outfit

New Delhi, Aug. 29 (ANI): The Bohemian way of living is mostly attributed to those who choose to follow their own rules and not conform to the set standards of society.

So strong is the allure of this lifestyle that it gradually made way for a new fashion statement, viz. Boho-chic.

This versatile trend can be followed irrespective of weather or seasonal changes, giving you unlimited reasons to carry this style with pride any day.

Ever since its sudden boom in late 2005, the Boho-chic trend has gradually become one of the go-to style statement for fashionistas around the globe.

A unique style which has been the trademark of famous celebrities like actress Sienna Miller and model Kate Moss, the Boho-chic look is both comfortable and easy to adapt by anyone.

Sanjay Shroff, founder and CEO of Styletag.com an e-commerce fashion portal, has shared some tips to help you to style Boho outfits.

Here's some simple steps to be followed for a perfect look:

CLOTHES: The first and most obvious aspect, your perfect Boho-chic look's trademark lies in the style of your clothes. Invest in a good maxi-dress and long skirt as it can become the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Nail the look by wearing this skirt with a graphic t-shirt.

LAYERS: Layers are an important aspect for achieving the complete Boho-chic look. Opt for a casual style by pairing a simple top with an oversize shirt or cardigan and complete it with a stole, light shawl, or muffler. However, avoid getting too excited over the look and going overboard! Balance your look for each item of clothing. Mix-up your wardrobe by matching plain with pattern, or fitted with baggy.

ACCESSORIES: There are many ways in which you can highlight your overall look using certain statement pieces and a little bit of creativity. If you wish to keep it minimal, wear bracelets which give you a slightly edgy look and yet, still remain classy. Bracelets made of silver, quartz, semi-precious stones, or even colorful wooden bangles can help you bring out your stylish self. Other accessories which complement the Boho-chic look are - Dangler earrings, a necklace, and even stylish hats like fedoras.

HAIR AND MAKE-UP: Make sure your hair and make-up compliment your final Boho-chic look. Just like your clothes, choose make-up in light shades. Go for nude or natural colors that are closest to your skin tone and make sure to blend it well before applying. Apply matte lipstick in earthy colors to complete the look. The idea of a Boho-chic look is to be natural. Therefore, if possible, let your hair loose in its natural self. Make it look effortless - loose braids or waterfall waves are currently the most popular hair styling options for this look.

SHOES: Last but not the least, complete your Boho look by wearing comfortable ankle boots. The most popular boot style that is associated with the Boho-chic trend is a bit of fringe in suede which can go well with High-low skirts. Opt for a good pair in neutral shades like beige or light-brown.

Boho-chic is one of the best trends to look out for since it has both the aspects of classy yet easy-going. (ANI)

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