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The Delhi Bride Revisited Wedding Asia - Season 2

Updated: Sep 08, 2016 12:10 IST      
The Delhi Bride Revisited Wedding Asia - Season 2

New Delhi [India], Sept. 8 (ANI-Business Wire India): Wedding Asia, Asia's most premium wedding exhibition, is all set to unfold the bridal story of its season 2 from September 9-11 at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi. The Delhi Bride revisited, where the wedding shopping experience takes a new avatar for the glamorous cosmopolitan bride, as being a tailor based event with new and young designers from different parts of the country. Delhi will this time witness the best tailor made creations along with the finest jewelry and all the regal rendezvous for the bride and bridesmaid.

The extravagant three-day exhibition will showcase some of the emerging bridal couture designers, jewellers, wedding planners, trousseau packers, specialized photographers and invitation designers under one roof.

Wedding Asia, with its success history, has been recognized as Asia's premium wedding exhibition and has become an exclusive platform to showcase and promote the best of bridal collections and accessories. The wedding exhibition presents exquisite collection by Edge, Studio Advita, Adira Couture, Diamond constellation, Chawla Jewellers, Dillano Luxurious Jewels, Manoharlal Saraf, Tassesls, Amit Nikunj and many more dedicated to the modern brides, creations with an adequate blend of culture and tradition.

Wedding Asia is one of its kind and the most sought wedding exhibitions of nation which is soon going to mark its presence across the world. As being into its 10th year and celebrating 10 years of pure love, Wedding Asia provides undisputed and valuable marketing opportunity that effectively targets brides and grooms, as on their special day Wedding Asia ensures they feel cherished.

The exhibition conjures up every bride's fairy tale fantasy and extensive array of wedding products, services and amazing ideas makes it go-to-event for inspiration and information. Wedding Asia brings together the veteran fashion Gurus and budding designers under one roof and makes it a one-stop solution for all the problems related to wedding paraphernalia. Besides that Wedding Asia marks the beginning of the wedding season and acts as a trend setter for the wedding season.

Speaking about the event, Anupreet Sethi, Founder, Wedding Asia, said: "Wedding Asia is a platform where exceptional wedding planning meets style beyond comparison, you will find simply irresistible collections which are influenced by designers but thoroughly inspired by brides. Watch your dream wedding desires come to life while being treated with an unparalleled scale of services. Wedding Asia is known for, it's well planned journey as a platform filled with sophisticated style and special touches. Discover an event that is distinctly for you with options that are limitless".

Wedding Asia, the brain child of Maninder and Anupreet Sethi, is the most popular lifestyle exhibition that aims to provide complete wedding solution considering the latest trends and styles in the fashion world. It is the first of its own kind platform that the country has witnessed. Apparel, jewellery, sterling silver, linen and accessories, the three-day event is filled with the finest collection of every conceivable article for the bride and the groom, put together painstakingly by the top-notch names in bridal finery from the Asian subcontinent. Catering to a broad range of consumers the collections at Wedding Asia reflects the genius of master craftsmen and designers through blends of modern and traditional, classical and contemporary, all these with an aim to display traditional and contemporary yet appealing and affordable wedding attires. Leading and renowned fashion designers from India and neighboring countries such as Dubai and London will also participate in Wedding Asia exhibition. (ANI-Business Wire India)

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