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Here`s what to expect from India Runway Week 2016

Updated: Sep 14, 2016 16:57 IST

By Pallavi Aman Singh

New Delhi [India], Sept. 14 (ANI): With India Runway Week all set to hit the capital soon for its 7th season, here's a sneak peek at the thrilling ride ahead.

From shimmer and sparkle to quirky and minimalist, the winter-festive edition of the fashion gala will witness a new class of hautesteppers bending the fashion rules.

Few of the exciting designers lined-up for the event have spilled the beans on what to expect from their presentations this season.

1. Myrah by Satomi: The name 'Myrah' goes back to the ancient times of 17th century. It elucidates an aristocratic lady who is extraordinary and admirable. It symbolizes women of exquisite charm, with motifs inspired by age old art with a modern twist to create history.

"Our new collection 'Myrah' emboldens and reveals the essence of a captivating and splendidly statuesque woman with a strong sense of self," Karsan Bedi, CEO of SATOMI, told ANI.

2. 'Erubescent,' The Blooming Flower by Yasmeen Mehra: The collection symbolizes the inner beauty and innocence of a girl child evolving into an attractive woman who still has a heart of gold. Depicting the Floral symbol of freshness, beauty and fragrance the collection is coloured with the shades of crystal pink, pristine, insignia blue, ming green, tropical peach, ruby and midnight. The couture for both the segments was intricately designed with cutwork in Brass material highlighted with semi-precious stones of different shapes. The touch of gold beads enhances the technique of the motifs. A motif of a bud presented in the collection denoted the origin of a girl child and the rose signified the blushing beautiful woman.

3. Avadh Era by Rohini Gugnani: This fashionista's latest collection would be an interesting play of concepts derived from the cities of Kanpur, Lucknow, Faizabad, which will redefine the glory of Avadh period in present time. Ethnicity is kept unsathed, mingling it with contemporary designs to make the collection fit for modern bride and Groom.

4. Mafia by Designer Vinay Rana: Style Sutra is gladly showcasing its men's wear collection - MAFIA. This collection revisits the era of the Mafia. It is an exploration of the classic look, with modern silhouettes. These garments will reveal machismo in you.

5. Reframing The Regal by Isha Gupta Tayal: This designer will be presenting her 'Imaginative Dressing' that will be a perfect blend of British India and Royal India Fashion. Her designs will be focused on the modesty of Royal India fashion with Victorian cuts, regal intricate Indian embroideries, cut-work & brass accessories. The Steampunk fashion would be full of adventure and youthfulness.

"My intention is to see Indian women breaking out of their pearl cages and enter into royal steampunk adventures," Tayal told ANI.

6. 'Vadhuvu' by Deepika Sanna Reddy: The collection 'Vadhuvu,' which means bride in Telugu, echoed what every South Indian bride desires to be on her big day. The Hues and textures of the lehengas, gowns and the Kanchipuram silk sarees are what every girl would lust after. The collection also exhibited the fine craftsmanship behind the Indian Bridal wear.

7. Wings of Fire by Anshu Khathuria: The collection titled "WINGS OF FIRE" is an ode to delicacy and strength of a woman. The designer delineates an exquisite concoction of rich Indian clothing culture and global sophistication. The collection is featured in lucious silks, satins, organza's undulating ruffles and drapes unconventional layering, pleating and rouching signifying textures, curves, flair, deep emotions and passion in a women's life.

8. Super Heroes by Varija Bajaj: While speaking about her collection, Varija told ANI, "We see virtual heroes on the silver screen who are good, fight all evils and are perfect in every possible way. We aspire to be like them in our real lives. Then we see Super Heroes, who fight battles in real lives to protect others."

Bajaj added, "The Army, Navy, Air force and the Police are constantly battling for our peace and happiness. But even above them are 'persons with disabilities' who are the Real Heroes that fight daily battles with taboos, society, their own health, insecurities and a constant fight to prove their abilities over disabilities."

9. 'Magiska' by Shalini: The word 'Magiska' in Swedish, means 'Magic' and taking one look at Kaaisha's latest collection of the same name- it's not hard to figure out why. Magiska is a reflection of Indian heritage of rich textiles and centuries old craftsmanship.

10. 'Royal Riwaaz' by designer Aditya Khandelwl: Some of the most intricate and extravagant pieces in a fusion style statement marrying the silhouettes from the British Raj to India's own traditional Mughal embroidery and richness will be showcased through this collection.

Khandelwl told ANI that with the keen attention to detail and craftsmanship, his pieces stand apart for the discerning eye, "Each attire is designed with precision and says something about the personality and taste of the wearer."

There will be 18 shows with 45 designers participating in the three-day extravaganza, which is all set to take place at Thyagaraj stadium from 16 to 18 September, 2016. (ANI)

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