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Hit these places for getting things for your Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 14, 2016 16:43 IST      
Hit these places for getting things for your Wedding Day

New Delhi [India], Sept. 14 (ANI): Once the date is fixed and wedding cards are on their way to the printers, all what we think about is look our best on the 'Big Day.'

Indian weddings are as memorable and grand as they can be chaotic. Preparing for the most important day of your life can be stressful. So, here are some excellent shopping options in the city that you can hit for your wedding purchases.

Firstly, DLF Mall of India brings the best of trendy closets, stylish shoes, elegant accessory and jewelry all under one roof. This wedding season, visit Mall of the India and pamper your shopping soul with some best designers and brands. Fashion designer Ritu Kumar, Anita Dogreand Brands like Meena Bazar and Zardosi too are all present under one roof with their latest collection. While buying your dream dress you don't have to run to places to match it with your Hush puppies shoes and Swarosvski jewelry. Just shift the floor to shop till you drop and enjoy the best shopping experience. To add, the September Beauty and Accessory fair at Mall of India offers the free make up consultation.

Secondly, Delhi's oldest, busiest market is a great place for both a budget-conscious lehenga-hunt as well as for splurging on designer bridal outfits. Outlets in the area have it all- elegant jacketed zardosi pieces, glittery A-line lehengas, and traditional royal pieces. The lanes of Chandni Chowk are also ripe for discovering beautiful colour-blocked and monotone designs. There is a fascinating range of fabrics available, with embellishments, full-bodied embroidery all over and in net designs. For the experimental, fun-loving bride, there is colour-contrast lehengas in bright hues. Bridesmaids need not feel left out as the most beautiful Anarkali suits can be found here as well.

Thirdly, Karol Bagh is one of the most popular shopping points in Delhi and is filled with many striking shops and posh air-conditioned showrooms. The wedding clothes and accessories found here can be availed at fairly economical prices, though Ajmal Khan Road offers some high-end products. With its old-world appeal,it attracts both locals and tourists, and is pretty much a mecca of wedding shopping. Karol Bagh is also singular because of the wide range of options for the groom. The traditional marriage sherwani and several dress accessories are easily found here, whether the desired style is heavy embroidery or simplistic prints. With designer suits, kurtis and dress materials being available in pastels and alluring shades, there can never be a dull moment shopping here.

Fourthly, DLF Emporio a multi-store mall features countless global luxury brands and has been designed keeping in mind the luxurious taste. The vast arena offers an unmatched shopping experience where the emphasis is on exceptionality and aesthetics. With stores featuring high end labels like BVLGARI, Hermes Paris, Dior and designers like Tarun Tehlani, Emporio offers a wealth of designer and premium merchandise for all those who don't consider price tags. The architecture of the mall itself provides a sophisticated and sublime ambience, adding a relaxing touch to the seemingly-hectic prospect of trousseau shopping.

Fifthly, the upmarket 'South ex'- as it is known to those who live in the city- is almost an endless treasure trove of debonair sherwanis, kurtas, Nehru jackets and blazers. The bridegroom does not need to stress over finding a tailor to customise all the exquisite fabric available as a number of stores offer to stitch the clothes they sell. For the family and friends of the couple, who aim to stock up on apparel for the numerous small events leading up to D-day, South ex offers a range of choices. The designs available for earrings and kamar-bandhs are especially eye-catching. The area is also known for stunning footwear, including dazzling golden heels and patent juttis. (ANI)

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