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Now, a bar chain that believes in 'piyo aur peene do'

Updated: Jul 28, 2016 20:24 IST      
Now, a bar chain that believes in 'piyo aur peene do'

By Pallavi Aman Singh

New Delhi, Jul 28 (ANI): If you think you can't have booze-ups in Delhi when you are broke, then it's time you pop your bubble as BarShala is in town.

Indospirit Group, a leading importer, distributor and manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, has forayed into the retailing of liquors with a chain of "friendly and safe" neighbourhood drinking restro-bars positioned as "Peeney waalon ka Paradise."

The company has opened 4 outlets in Delhi located at mass places like Janakpuri, Karkardooma, East of Kailash and New Delhi Railway station and aims to open 16 more outlets in coming 3 months.

According to a press release, BarShala caters to all age group starting from 25 years to 60 years. The beauty of the concept is that anyone can come, relax and be themselves without any pretentiousness.

It not only offers a wide range of drinks but also a great ambience, free Wi-Fi, music and healthy ready-to-eat snacks, which complement the beverages perfectly.

The menu is uniquely crafted with Hinglish names of dishes, adding quirk and making things breezy. The interior and exterior branding at Barshala outlets is designed to give customer a fresh and happy feeling and make them more relaxed.

Their unique brand proposition of "Piyo Aur Peene Do" sets them apart. Whether it is hanging out with your friends after office hours or discussing the next game of cricket over a chilled beer, BarShala is the perfect joint for you if you don't want a big hole in your pocket.

At the launch event of Barshala, Indospirit Group managing director, Sameer Mahandru, told ANI, "We have always wanted to leverage this experience and come up with a strong retail offering for our customers. BarShala is a one of its kind, organized chain of friendly neighbourhood bars. The core idea behind this offering is to provide our customers with a comfortable, feature rich yet pocket-friendly hangout in their own backyard."

He added, "We have plans to open BarShala in every locality in Delhi and make it a hyper-local chain where our customers can experience the same comforts and features, whether it is in the upscale areas of South Delhi or a modest residential area like Janakpuri. This makes it different from the other bars and pubs where the customer is expected to brave the traffic and long distances to reach the happening spots of Delhi. BarShala will give every locality its own hep and happening spot."

Mahandru noted that to achieve their objective of making the place into a neighborhood community hangout, they have ensured that their ambience is "simple yet quirky and lively, our drinks are pocket-friendly and our food is expertly selected to complement our drinks perfectly."

"In this short span of time, we have seen people from different walks of life spending time in our outlets and the fact that they keep coming back to us and consider this their friendly neighborhood bar, gives us the motivation to take this to every nook and corner of this country," he added.

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