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Karwa Chauth: 5 ways to show affection towards your wife

Updated: Oct 19, 2016 17:01 IST      
Karwa Chauth: 5 ways to show affection towards your wife

New Delhi [India], Oct. 19 (ANI): Karwa Chauth is celebrated with great pomp and excitement amongst Hindu families in North India, especially in the states of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana and Gujarat.

Many women, both newly-wed as well as those who have been married for decades- seek to display their affection for their husbands by observing a strict fast throughout the day, in addition to praying for their significant other's long life and good health.

The day is also a great occasion for men to make their wives feel special. So if you want to show the woman in your life that you appreciate all that she does for you and are a bit clueless about how to do it, follow these five great ideas this Karwa Chauth.

Firstly, go for spa and personal care packages. Women fast throughout the day, with many not even drinking a drop of water. Such steadfastness can take a toll on the body and some pampering is definitely welcome. Book a long day of rejuvenation for your wife at a spa, where she can feel relaxed and indulge in massages, steam and sauna services. An even nicer idea is to hunt out a deal that offers beauty treatments as well- such as facials or manicures.

Secondly, give her a shopping treat. Retail therapy is the best way to pamper a woman. Go shopping with your wife and let her choose the gifts she deserves. Trust us! There would be no better way to bond with her. The drawback, though, is the hectic nature of going to different shops and outlets. Instead, take your wife to places like DLF Mall of India, where the two of you can spend endless hours together. Divided into five zones and spread over seven floors, the mall has something for everyone's inner shopper. With a plethora of shoes, accessories and jewellery all under one roof, it is extremely easy to fall in love with this one-stop destination. Outlets featuring brands like Meena Bazar and Zardozi, as well as designer labels like Ritu Kumar and Satya Paul will make for a great festive day outing.

Thirdly, give a thought of fasting along with her. Women love the emotional gifts, more than an expensive diamond! Trust us this time, give that emotional support to your wife by keeping a fast by your own. We do understand, keeping the whole day fast is difficult in that case, you can always shift to detoxifying mode and eat just fruits.

Fourthly give her a lavish sargi. Although sargi is conventionally presented by the mother-in-law of the house, there is no harm in the husband also gifting the wife some auspicious items early in the morning. In fact, the best way to make sargi special is for the husband and his family to put together the celebratory tray of gifts, to show their love for the wife. Fruits, dry fruits, fried potatoes, matthi and milk based sweets not only delight the heart but also strengthen the body, helping the wife sustain as the day progresses.

Fifthly, celebrate it with friends. Observing the fast can get pretty tiresome, and a number of women prefer to take the day off to relax at home. In fact, traditionally, the fasting wife is not supposed to undertake any household chores on the day. So, kick back and relax with your partner by calling over your married and single friends to celebrate together. You can play a variety of group-based games to keep the festive spirit going. Organise a fun game where the couples would have to answer personal questions about their spouses, to prove their compatibility.

Sixthly, give her perfumes. Perfumes are great gifting options, as they can both be preserved for special occasions as well as applied immediately. And, there is no dearth of options when it comes to variety! A good tip is to choose a scent that is sure to lift her mood and keep her feeling warm and loved. Don't forget to do some research before investing in a bottle, though. Make sure you have an idea of the smells she appreciates, and accordingly pick out a floral, fruity or spicy scent. (ANI)

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