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Enjoy this Diwali with Chikankari

Updated: Oct 27, 2016 15:16 IST      
Enjoy this Diwali with Chikankari
New Delhi [India], Oct.27 (ANI): Diwali is a synonymous festival with shopping for every Indian. It is celebrated with much pomp and fare, gifts are handed over and glamourous clothes are adorned to accentuate style statements.

The art of embellishing and ornamenting one own self has always been the most attractive and passionate activity, which has been practiced for centuries. Over time, the passion got transferred to fabric that was used to embellish the body and we were introduced to different forms of art or handicraft seeking for fabric decoration- one of those mesmerising arts is Chikankari.

Handloom designer Karan Arora this year is encouraging people to appreciate and relive the art of age old handicraft by reinventing Chikankari and designing two splendid statement pieces of saree, especially for Diwali.

Chikankari, also known as moonlight effect and shadow embroidery, is a standout and gorgeous art form that originates from the city of Nawabs- Lucknow and has come a long way to the fashion cities.

An exquisite art which transforms the plainest cotton and organdie into flowing yards of magic has left several people from kings to the general public captivated with its outstanding aesthetic appeal. It attains its elegance by the detailed work of needle and thread done on a transparent fabric. Its delicacy is mesmeric.

The uniqueness and majesty of every dress represents the hours of thoughts, creativity and hard work which promotes the creative workmanship of artisans and derives inspiration from different cultures within India.

Due to commercialization, Chikankari has survived the loss facilitated and lost its way occasionally in being deemed average and yet had managed to keep its glamour alive. These facts stand as testimony to the skill and tireless efforts of the artisans who have encouraged this technique over the generations gone by.

He has taken the intricate art of chikankar from the territory of the cultural and historical backdrops and has reinvented it, preserving its ethnicity.

According to Karan, " Chikankari is not for everyone but meant for people who adore art and detailing. It is the real luxury because of its exclusivity that doesn't die with the trend but is preserved and gifted from one generation to another. These sarees have undergone almost a year of workmanship by involving various craftworks and nine dedicated artisans." (ANI)

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