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Tips to keep your kids safe this Diwali

Updated: Oct 29, 2016 12:08 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct. 29 (ANI): Although Diwali is a festival of beaming lights, mouth-watering sweets, lots of fun activities, and firecrackers, it is also a time when a little negligence on your part can cause mishappening.

Fire injuries, burns, eye infections, skin allergies and breathing problems are certain issue that comes as a package with the celebrations. Amongst the festivities, it is really difficult to keep an eye on your kids all the time, hence, it is all the more important to be prepared to counteract emergencies and safeguard your kids from injuries.

Dr Kiran Dhar (MD- Dermatology, College of Medicine, Wales, UK) Senior Dermatologist and CEO of Kiran Dermasurge said that during this festival season our skin is exposed to various chemicals which are used in fire crackers, fumes & smoke from burning of crackers, pollutants, dust etc. She says that this leads to dryness & dehydration of our skin & can even skin reaction. She suggested some general precautions to take care of your skin. Skin dryness is generally noticed during this period.

Drink adequate amount of water preferably eight to ten glasses in a day.

Use good quality moisturizer to avoid dryness of your skin.

After washing with plenty of water, use good chemical free cleanser to cleanse your face & other exposed body part if you ever come in contact with any chemical.

Other general suggestion to ward off any such situation

Firstly, for kids, Diwali is all about firecrackers! To avoid injuries, make sure to supervise them. Guide them on how to burn crackers and try to be around when they are handling fire.

Secondly, make them wear well-fitted, cotton fabric clothes. Avoid synthetic clothes as they catch fire quickly.

Thirdly, always keep a bucket of water in close proximity. In case of fire or burns, you can use that water for immediate rescue.

Fourth, teach your kids to maintain a good distance while burning crackers to protect their eyes.

Fifth, wear protective eye wear so that smoke, dust & debris do not enter your eyes.

Despite these precautions, in case of burns or injury-

First, run ice cold water over the burn to soothe the burning sensation. Immediately apply ointment and antiseptic cream which will reduce the redness due to burns (generally called first-degree burn). Ointments like Sofradex etc are good as a part of First Aid.

Secondly, in case of blister formation due to burn (Called as second-degree burn), immediately seek medical help.

Thirdly, in case of severe burns (Called as third-degree burn), the skin may become completely white and charred. Take the patient to the hospital immediately.

Fourthly, do not rub your eyes in case of any injury. Immediately wash the eyes to remove all the dust particles.

Fifth, avoid wearing contact lenses especially lighting crackers as the smoke may cause irritation, leading to infections and allergies.

Finally, wash your hands properly to remove all the dirt and chemicals from your hands which might cause itchiness.

By following these guidelines, you can make your Diwali safe and protect your kids from skin & eye infections and allergies. (ANI)

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