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Hard Rock Cafe hits the big 'rocking' ten in India this year

Updated: Nov 10, 2016 11:13 IST      
Hard Rock Cafe hits the big 'rocking' ten in India this year
New Delhi [India] Nov. 10(ANI): Hard Rock Cafe India strikes a successful decade of music and marvel this year!

Globally renowned music destination, Hard Rock Cafe's 10th anniversary celebration in India sets off with a roaring start by giving back to guests more than 72 exciting live acts across its seven outlets, a gala fundraising charity event and a specially crafted menu featuring Long Island Iced Teas.

The Hard Rock stage is going to be lit on fire with a staggering line-up of more than 72 live acts. Band from 'oasis for Rock and Indie musicians' Nagaland will spread the fervor of music as they strum with some of India's breath taking performers. Going by their passion of churning out some of the best talent in the country, Hard Rock Cafe in association with will identify and provide a platform to aspiring musicians to grab the spotlight through the Rock2Road challenge. Adding magnificence to the high octane events, Hard Rock Cafe has also scheduled a unique performance set. India's booming seller bands will come together on special nights to create an adrenaline rush!

The sensational Eric Martin of Mr. Big, the international super rock group band will set the backdrop for the ultimate music extravaganza at Hard Rock Cafe - Delhi.

This month will also feature the best of rib tickling comedy gigs with artists like Sanjay Manaktala, Daniel Fernandes and Aisi Taisi Democracy across venues. The high - velocity events line-up ensures to take patrons on a thrilling music high!

Known for providing the best experience in terms of music, food and drink, HRC, India will be featuring 10 unique concoctions of its most loved signature Long Island Iced Teas to bask in the 'spirit' of the anniversary. Over the past decade, the iconic brand has served delightful experiences to over 8.5 million patrons and fans.

Built with state-of-the-art infrastructure and home to the world's most treasured music memorabilia, the brand will be flagging off a Gala Charity Event, an auction night with collectibles from Indian Music Legends. Manifesting its core motto of 'Love All, Serve All', the proceeds will be directed towards encouraging music among underprivileged young talent.

Since the onset of its journey in India, Hard Rock Cafe India has been host to more than 3,500 remarkable live performances featuring the biggest international names and renowned Indian artists and bands. Having been the first to house a gamut of world-renowned bands, Hard Rock Cafe has become one of the best venues for live music.

Bands like 'Wolfmother,' 'Hoobastank,' 'Poets of the Fall,' 'Third Eye Blind,' 'The Aristocrats,' 'Switchfoot,' 'Saving Abel,' 'Puddle of Mudd,' 'Outlandish,' 'The Vamps' and artists like Armin Van Burren, Paul Van Dyke, Bob Sinclar and Jay Sean along with Indian sensations like Swarathma, Indian Ocean, Amit Trivedi, Kailash Kher, Lucky Ali, Euphoria, Parikrama and Indus Creed have had their tryst with Indian fans at the venue.

Backed by a gleaming past, the ultimate music destination is gearing up to ring in its 10th year in true legendary style!

In addition to hosting phenomenal artists from around the world, Hard Rock Cafe has also been instrumental in shaping the music sphere among the youth in India. Its stage has served as a launching pad for a plethora of Indian bands and solo artists. It has provided the much needed ignition to bands like Best Kept Secret, Agam, One Night Stand, The Other People, 2blue, Diara,The Wildside, and Coshish among others in the last decade.

Jay Singh, Co - Founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation exclaimed, "We are really kicked as we turn 10 this year! Our unrivaled passion for music makes us the ultimate music destination. Our love for music and unexplored talent prompts us to keep reinventing ourselves while staying true to our roots. Our patrons can look forward to a power - packed year of thrilling acts and events. Here's to the next 'rocking' ten and many more in India!!"

While 10 years is a milestone in Hard Rock Cafe's expedition in India, it sure has a path breaking journey to follow! (ANI)

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