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Let your taste buds do a "Tokyo Drift" at high speed lounge - Raftaar

Updated: Nov 28, 2016 12:42 IST

By Ashish Kumar Singh

New Delhi [India], Nov 28 (ANI): Delhi has witnessed a tremendous growth in the food and beverage industry in the last two to three years and with an intention to allure the customers, the restaurant and bar owners have given birth to conceptual cafes.

The race is on and everyone has put on their racing helmets. However, with their swanky gear and out of the box ideas, Raftaar- a newly opened high speed lounge & bar at Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, is all set to vroom ahead of the competition and taste the winning dish.

Located at the Club Road, the place surely has the advantage to attract footfall at the lounge. The whole concept of the lounge and bar relies on speed, hence Raftaar. With action and power packed ambience, the place is a complete gear of fine dining and clubbing with family and friends.

The place is meant to indulge you into delicious food and drinks and makes you party all night.

The very first thing which will attract the walk-ins is the space of the bar and lounge. The three-storey building is divided into three different sections.

From the makers of Sense of Spirits & White Waters, Raftaar has exactly what you need for a bull blown party and it comes bigger, bolder and stronger with its state of the art sound walls, fantastic lighting and sound system reverberating with gut - busting music ranging from national and international top charts, house, electronic and percussion.

Not sticking to the typical restaurant and bar concept, the dark-ambience place also has a spacious dance floor. The first two floors have a regular seating along with some outdoor space to enjoy smoking.

The big surprise lies on the third floor (terrace) where a big pool awaits you to have the most "chilled out" time with your squad. This is something no cafe or restaurant has come up with in the national capital. (The pool will soon be opened for public).

A luxury theme based lounge with three levels each with different experience of its own like sophisticated car lounge, rustic biker's place and first ever private pool dining at Open Terrace.

Now, coming to the most awaited part- FOOD.

The food menu is set as per the tastes and preferences of the Delhiites. The owners have worked dedicatedly on the selection of delicacies they serve. With wide varieties of vegetarian and well as non-vegetarian delicacies, your taste buds are surely going to be satisfied for once and all.

As the name suggests, the order placed will be on plates in a way quick than other bistro bars. To start with, they have Caesar Cardin Salad, Hawaiian Boat, and Feta Apple Salad enrooting with Dahike Kebabs, Malai Broccoli, Murg Tikka and Amritsari fish with Crostini 3 way and Finding Nemo.

On your way to final destination with NH - 1 Burgers, get fuelled up with energizing appetizers and drinks. Paneer Bemisaal, Dil Khush Malai Kofta, Pindi Chana, Murg Lahori with Amritsari Kulcha and Pesta Naan will also be filling your happy tummy.

Special appearances of Parmesan Chicken, Kerala Prawn Curry and Grilled Chimichurri Fish will make the journey more lip smacking. Highway Glory and Alive by Brownie Sundae will be waiting for you at the finishing line before you get indulged into a sweet affair.

A luxury lounge and bar at Punjabi Bagh is entirely designed for an evolved nightlife experience.

Talking about his property, Vineet Mittal, Director, Raftaar Lounge and Bar said, "We are looking forward to open four more Raftaar Lounges by 2017 across metro cities and we are open to investments."

From the very boulevard it looks like an edifice of energy. Eerie from the first step and it gets a whole lot interesting as you walk up the stairway of the Raftaar, a nightclub/lounge that's not just on the fringe, it's completely detached from the real world, bringing back the treasured world of dance and entertainment with lifestyle experience.

The staple entertainment also boasts of Live Acts - concerts and live bands that are edgy, raw and play with bone - jarring enthusiasm promising a night that's erotic and high profile.

In a place like Punjabi Bagh, where there are lounges and bars on every corner, Raftaar surely manages to stand out from the crowd.

So, loosen your belt, let that tummy of yours have an extra space when you visit the high speed lounge and bar- Raftaar. (ANI)

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