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Here's how cosmetic surgery helps to look perfect on the Wedding Day

Updated: Sep 19, 2016 18:24 IST      
Here's how cosmetic surgery helps to look perfect on the Wedding Day

New Delhi [India]. Sept 19 (ANI): From choosing the right wedding colour schemes and decor to searching online for wedding cards and scouting the perfect stylist for the special event, an increasing number of brides-to-be are now spending extra time and effort to ensure that their D-day is perfect.

As far as looking their best goes, routine facials and bridal packages at the local parlour just don't make the cut anymore. After all, there are tonnes of cosmetic procedures that brides can undergo a few months before their big day to look as smashing as they have always imagined in their dreams.

It is not just the bride or the groom, who are keen to look their absolute best on that special day, but also the brides' mothers, aunts and friends who want to be in the spotlight on the memorable occasion.

From acquiring a slim body to getting a flawless complexion, there are a wide variety of cosmetic treatments that the bride can consider before saying, 'I do.'

Hence Dr. Manoj Khanna, the founder and cosmetic surgeon at Enhance Clinics has pointed a few cosmetic treatments to enhance the appearance before the big event.

The very first thing is facelift, also known as Rhytidectomy. This type of cosmetic surgery gives a more youthful facial appearance. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, a facelift improves visible signs of aging in the face and neck. It may take around two to three months to heal, therefore plan your surgery accordingly.

Secondly, one can go for breast augmentation, a surgical procedure that helps to increase the size and improve the shape of a woman's breasts.

"Getting a breast augmentation done just right before any major event is strictly not advisable. Your breasts may take time to heal and you may not feel comfortable showing them off just yet. It is advisable to go for the treatment five to six months prior to your wedding," said the expert.

Third is fillers. This is a good option for those who are looking to rejuvenate their face and smooth out facial lines. Opt for the treatment a couple of weeks before your big day to avoid major swelling or bruising.

One can also go for body contouring. This procedure helps to get rid of excess skin and loose tissue that diet and exercise cannot help diminish. Some of the common surgeries include tummy tuck surgery, thigh lift surgery, body lift surgery and arm lift surgery.

Another common procedure is liposuction. It is done to remove fat from specific areas of the body and to look fit before the wedding day.

According to Dr. Khanna, "do it around a month before your major event to allow time for bruising to heal and disappear. Follow the medication as prescribed by the doctor and take ample rest."

People also go for nose job, also known as Rhinoplasty. This is a surgical treatment to reshapes or resizes the nose. While bruising and swelling is variable, the final result can be obtained only in 12- 15 months.

"Before considering any of these treatments, your first step should be to consult your physician and learn if you are physically fit to carry on with a cosmetic surgery. Do ample of research and don't hesitate to clear all your doubts with the specialist," said Dr. Khanna. (ANI)

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