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Skip the hiccups of waiting list with these travel alternatives

Updated: Oct 05, 2016 19:07 IST      
Skip the hiccups of waiting list with these travel alternatives

New Delhi [India], Oct 5 (ANI): The celebrations are around the corner. The festive season observes a swarm of travellers flying back to their nest to celebrate Durga Puja/Diwali/ Chhath Puja with their families.

Though it is wiser to make your plans well in advance, few circumstances lead you to make last minute plans which are a little challenging to realize, especially when you are taking train journeys.

Mr. Aloke Bajpai, CEO & Cofounder, ixigo said, "With the festival holidays right around the corner, all major airlines are announcing their final sales for the season. This festival season, many airlines like Spicejet and AirAsia are offering discounted airfares starting as low as INR 899 for domestic flights. As icing on the cake, ixigo is providing an additional cash back of INR 600 on all flights. Clubbing both offers, flight fares have hit an all time low in comparison to those generally offered by airlines at this time of the year. With train tickets for all major travel sectors during the festivities being waitlisted and at such low rates, users should definitely not miss out on a chance to book flights so cheap!"

If your seat is waitlisted, eliminate the hiccup with PNR status prediction, a great feature by ixigo that lets you know the confirmation chances of your waitlisted ticket. In case, the chances of seat availability are slim, here are some alternatives that you can take:

1. Special festival trains

Keeping in view the huge rush of passengers, Indian Railways run special festive trains on all major routes. The bookings are only open around the time the festive season begins. In case the train seats are not available or you are still on the waiting list, you can opt for these seasonal trains. Keep an eye on the train status by checking the PNR status of your train.

2. Up in the air

Why take a train when air journey is as cheap as a train ticket? The air journey has become so affordable that some of the airline tickets have the same price as train tickets. This festival season, many airlines like Spicejet and AirAsia are offering discounted airfares starting as low as INR 899 for domestic flights. As icing on the cake, ixigo is providing an additional cashback of INR 600 on all flights.

3. Connecting trains

In case the train seats are not available on the direct train to your destination, be street smart. Instead of booking one direct train to your place, take connecting trains that lead you to your destination. That should guarantee you a seat on the train. And for someone who likes train journeys, travelling in two different trains will be a gala.

4. Hit the road, ditch the rail track

Road trips can be fun, especially with friends. Carpool with your friends or acquaintances if they are taking the same route as yours. Not only will you get a comfort ride but also someone to keep you accompanied. Or book an outstation cab to make your travel comfortable and swift. You can also hitchhike, but only if you are bold enough to take the risk.

5. Journey on wheels

Yes, the train was your first preference. But bus journeys are also a good option. Many private buses offer luxury travel for longer routes offering comfort and entertainment at a reasonable cost. You can always rely on bus journey as a plan B in case train seats are not available. Also, the route offers an attraction itself.

6. Break down your trip

If any of the above does not work out, make them all work together. So what if train seats are not available? Fragmentize your journey into multiple modes of transport. Cover a part of distance in the alternate train if seats are available and the remainder by bus or car. This will be a perfect opportunity to ignite the wanderer in you. Plus, you will have an exciting travel chronicle to narrate to your family and friends.

Yes, taking different routes is quite an ambitious way to travel. But, when your family awaits you during the time of festivity, you take even the torturous of routes to spend your precious time with your loved ones.(ANI)

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