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Delhi Crafts Council presents 'Sarees of India 2016: Innovating Tradition'

Updated: Oct 12, 2016 17:02 IST      
Delhi Crafts Council presents 'Sarees of India 2016: Innovating Tradition'

New Delhi [India], Oct. 12 (ANI): Delhi Crafts Council (DCC) is all set to organize 'Sarees of India: Innovating Tradition', a three-day exhibition that brings together a carefully curated collection of handcrafted sarees from across the country.

The annual exhibition focuses on highlighting innovative new techniques and designs that infuse new life into traditional techniques, prints and weaves.

'This year DCC will be presenting collections of twenty-one participants working with different Indian weaves and printing techniques. India has a rich diversity of such techniques and it is our endeavor to bring these exciting developments before the discerning audience of Delhi'- says KamayaniJalan, member in charge of Sarees of India and Vice President DCC.

During this exhibition, an annual award called the "Sutrakar Samman"' will be given to a selected weaver with outstanding capabilities.

This year the samman will be presented to Shahid Junaid, who belongs to a renowned family of weavers from Varanasi.

Haji Munna Creations, as the family business is known, has had a long tradition of working with cotton sarees woven with Mughal buta patterns and borders.

With time this family started working with silk as well.

Junaid's specialty is working with pastel shades and he is committed to reviving old Mughal motifs. Junaid is a recipient of the National Award for Handloom, 2015 for creating a saree with a special pattern called 'Ektara'.

'The DCC saree exhibition is a much anticipated, one of a kind event by saree lovers across the city': Team DCC

The exhibitors of 2016 are?-

Aavaran from Udaipur with a range of sarees in natural indigo.?

Jyothi Reddy from Hyderabad with her subtle and intricate Ikat sarees in Eri Silk. Junaid from Ajrakhpur, Bhuj, with vegetable dyed Ajrakh sarees.?

Bailou brings an eclectic range of sarees created by the weavers of West Bengal with interesting textures. Bright and bold hues define this collection by Bappaditya.

Karomi brings its unique collection of hand-woven and hand-block printed sarees designed by Sarita & Sarika?

Suleiman Khatri will come with a range of traditional Bandhani sarees in a variety of hues.

Vriksh brings exquisite Odisha weaves in the Bomkaiand Sambalpuri tradition, painstakingly revived designer Gunjan Jain.

Weaver's Studio Kolkata makes its debut at the Sareeexhibition with an interesting mix of Bengal weaves and prints.

Pracheen from Mumbai will present their unique rendering in their signature vegetable dyed prints.

Anuradha Kuli, a weaver from Assam who works with natural dyes, has been responsible for reviving the old traditional motifs of the Mising and Miri tribes. This year she was selected to present her sarees at Mumbai as part of India Fashion Week 2016.

Pradeep Pillai comes with his timeless Tussars from Bihar and silk Venkatgiri of Andhra Pradesh.

Santosh Saha comes with bespoke cotton Jamdanis.

Srinath from Hyderabad will be exhibiting unusual Ikats from Telengana and Andhra Pradesh

Taan Baan will be showcasing its collection in cotton and silks from Maharashtra, South India, and the much awaited handspun yarn Khadi sarees.

Village Art will be displaying their range of Bhagalpuri Silks

Sundari Silks, also makes their debut at this exhibitionwith their wide range of South Indian Weaves.

Shivangi Kasliwal will be showcasing her well knownBanaras sarees.

Studio Akaaro and Eka, will be exhibiting an exciting range of sarees in contemporary designs using traditional techniques.

The exhibition will be held from October 13 - 15 at Aga Khan Hall, Bhagwan Das Road from 11am to 7pm. (ANI)

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