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Niche Cafe & Bar hosts special preview for fourth edition at 'Grub Fest'

Updated: Oct 14, 2016 17:53 IST      
Niche Cafe & Bar hosts special preview for fourth edition at 'Grub Fest'
New Delhi [India], Oct 14 (ANI): Delhi's much-awaited food festival is back with its fourth edition of the Grub Fest.

To give a sneak preview of this culinary extravaganza, Niche Cafe & Bar, a snug new cafe in the Colonial heart of Delhi hosted a special evening of unlimited global progressive fusion food, cocktails, desserts and Western - Indian Classical fusion music performed live by The Suryansh Project.

Nearly 50 bloggers attended the musical event for an extraordinary culinary and recreational experience.

The event witnessed a panel, of Tarun Arora, owner, Niche Cafe & Bar, Chef Jamsheed Bhote, Chaitanya Mathur, Co-Founder and Director of Grub fest, Arjun Jain, the co-Founder of Grub fest and Rakshay Dhariwal, the owner of PCO and ATM.

Niche Cafe & Bar, a brand new addition to Delhi's burgeoning list of restaurants and dining destinations, creates a redefined recreational space with its modern global progressive fusion food spread, innovative cocktails, and molecular gastronomic delights for every food aficionado in the city.

The stylish new cafe is making its grand appearance at the Grub Fest 2016, this time as the F&B partner with a bigger-than-ever stall giving a sneak preview of its two new spaces, Air by Niche, a terrace-view seating space and a Bamboo bar by Niche to be launched at the restaurant in winters.

Patrons can relish a delightful spread of signature dishes like, Tandoori charred mushroom, Korean marinated chicken thigh skewers, char grilled served with chili sesame crumble and fresh scallion and Sweet potato to name a few.

For the dessert lovers, there will be a Nitro-dipped dessert popsicles' counter

serving Bourbon biscuits, Belgian chocolate ganache, toasted almond praline and Graham cracker crumb, caramelized banana etc.

"Fall in New Delhi is the most delicious time of the year thanks to open-air food extravaganzas such as the Grub Fest. It was a pleasure to host the preview of this three day grand affair. All the media and bloggers had a gala evening at our cozy and newly revamped space," said Owner Niche Cafe & Bar, Tarun Arora.

"By introducing our excitingly unusual signature dishes, and launching two new pleasant properties under the brand Niche. We are sure of our grand presence at the festival will appeal to all the 'grubbers' in the city," added Tarun.

The fourth edition of the Grub Fest is featuring more than 80 restaurants whipping up their best recipes for the food connoisseurs. Adding to this grand affair will be some fine artists from across the country playing live music to set the mood. (ANI)

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