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After CP, now enjoy the delectable cuisines at 'The Junkyard Cafe'- Saket

Updated: Jan 08, 2017 16:25 IST      
After CP, now enjoy the delectable cuisines at 'The Junkyard Cafe'- Saket

New Delhi [India], Jan 8 (ANI): After the success of its outlet in Central Delhi, The Junkyard Cafe has now come up with its most luxurious and spacious brand outlet in Saket.

While the concept remains the same - making the best from waste, the Cafe is located in the capital's most happening place, which is located at the backside of Select city walk.

The Junkyard Cafe, as the name suggests revolves around all that is scrap and junk. From a life size portrait of our all time favorite Michael Jackson made from buttons, to a glider hung inside, the restaurant incorporates junk, recycled drums, oil containers in the most beautiful way.

The place indeed does full justice to its theme as the waiters and bartenders are even dressed in mechanic overalls to add that extra bit of character to 'The Junkyard Cafe'.

Spread over 13,000 sq feet, the outlet has colorful and innovative interiors (all made of junk), which are a brain read of Umang Tewari, who's the man behind the creation of how junk can be utilized in the most beautiful way.

The first thing that strikes you as soon as you are seated are the quirky interiors, the sofas made of car bonnets, a Michael Jackson portrait made entirely of Junk, small doll like figures next to the seating spaces, an aircraft hanging from the ceiling and a lot more.

Coming to the most important part of the food journey of "What I ordered and liked", I began this delectable journey starting with the bar menu instantly.

In drinks, I ordered a very refreshing 'Red hat cocktail' with Watermelon, fresh mint, rum and lime juice, and this is highly recommended.

Complementing this beauty, I ordered Chilly Chicken, Bhatti Ka Murg Tikka, Mushroom Dumplings, Spring Rolls, 'Lebanese Platter' and the all time favorite 'Palak ki chaat'.

For the health conscious eaters, The Junkyard Cafe has created a dietery nutrient chart with a variety of salads, starters and mains out of which I tried 'Tandoor Broccoli' which was served with a mint and sesame dip.

For main course, we tried the Peri Peri Chicken, Paillard of Chicken with Lemon and Herb, 'Butter Chicken', 'Dal Makhni' and Tandoori Roti.

Certainly the Dal Makhni was a clear winner here. It will make you forget "your best" dal makhani tasted ever.

Stuffed with the starters and the main course, I had absolutely no room for dessert. But how can one leave without a binge on 'Meetha'. So to fulfill the same I had my all time favorite, Brownie with Vanilla Ice-cream with a bit of choco syrup, which can be termed as heavenly sinful.

Location: The Junkyard Cafe, Saket

Type: Casual Dining, Bar

Cost: For two Rs. 1500 (approx) with alcohol

Timing: 11 AM to 1 AM. (ANI)

By Pallavi Aman Singh

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By Pallavi Aman Singh

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