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Vanca introduces 'Vanca Premium' spring/summer 2017

Updated: Jan 12, 2017 16:23 IST      
Vanca introduces 'Vanca Premium' spring/summer 2017

New Delhi [India], Jan 12 (ANI): Vanca, the leading online fashion brand has introduced its Premium Spring Summer '17 collection today showcasing the brand's most stylish, elegant and comfortable collection for the young fashionable women of India.

The Vanca Premium, as the name suggests, brings together the timeless classics from The Vanca, and best of the trends of the coming season. While the Vanca Classics has the eternal styles and variations of Vanca Lace dress and bestselling cocktails and occasion wear, forming the backbone of Vanca Premium.

The Vanca Spring Summer 2017 collection brings forward select pieces in accordance to the trend of the season SS17, broadly categorized into categories such as Bohemian, Geometricity, summer breeze.

The Vanca's SS17 collection includes fresh and quirky summer prints with some refreshing contrast colors and shapes from exotica summer birds. Its sundried colors are mixed with fresh mints and deep purples for an eclectic mix. The SS17 collection is an ideal marriage of deep tribal hues and bohemian prints.

They get further perfect shapes to do away with the timeless kitsch feel it has always born. The print language for SS17 explores a diverse variety creating wider options for the market, these humble prints not only open our eyes to a new segment, also yield a light and breezy feel to the season.

There are loads to learn and borrow from kids this season with some childlike illustrations creating quirky conversational prints which can be explored in pastels, monochromes or deep summer hues.

The collection boasts comfortable organic materials with sophisticated and elegant looks with fun detailing and trending color palette that is sure to suit the style of modern fashionable women. The use of print and the colors draws both from the trending European fashion for the season new Indian designs sensibilities, giving it a fresh attitude and unexpected expressions.

LIVA features extensively throughout the collection a high quality fabric natural cellulosic fibers for soft, fluid fabric which falls and drapes well making it a collection of garment which are both stylish and relaxed.

Smudged floral make a come-back again this SS17 with digital printing supporting the creation of most delicate and opulent prints. Rich shades on breezy, transparent fabric base totally justify the summer moods.

Vanca collection made its presence felt in SS'16 and takes bolder and newer dimensions in SS17. It opens plenty of options for experimentation from hand drawn to embellished and embroidered.

"Contemporary style continues to be universal choice for young modern Women irrespective of the geography but with Vanca's European design heritage, it's truly authentic to our DNA. Thus we are uniquely positioned to deliver the most desired Indianised suitability to the western fashion wardrobes and are recognized for its superior quality products, innovation led approach, impeccable aesthetics and superior execution," said CEO Rajiv Sinha.

"It has been our endeavor to position ourselves as a conscious fashion brand hence our spring summer 17' collection this year is also grounded on an innovative organic theme which will feature organic fabric throughout all categories that are extremely breathable, offers excellent moisture management while ensuring other health benefits to the users," added Rajiv Sinha.

Vanca believes in the beauty of style, grace and harmony achieved through perfection of design. Synonymous with contemporary, chic, built to please modern sensibilities, at The Vanca, every piece is crafted by blending European styles with Indian designs.

A designer wear experience available for the mid-segment, bringing the best of good quality, affordable and yet high-end fashion to all customers.

Its new complete SS17 collection will be available through its online partners Myntra, Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon and Lime Road as well as on Vanca website from the 1st week of February 2017. (ANI)

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