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Indulge in global gastronomy at 'World Art Dining' by Chef Sanjay Chowdhury

Updated: Dec 16, 2016 18:54 IST

By Khyati Sharma

New Delhi [India], Dec 16 (ANI): Many Indian chefs often like to experiment with the recipes and ingredients, true! But when you are served a 'Bunny prawns crystal' and a 'Zigzag fried chicken', then there is definitely something that would make you think about the level of creativity and imagination that the chefs have.

With the same charming cunningness in the cuisine at the 'World Art Dining', Club Road Punjabi Bagh, a certain delicious deception manipulates the mouth just like a magician does.

The latest connoisseur of excellent food, 'World Art Dining' abodes 45000 sqft escalating across four floors, which gives three remarkable dining options - The Cook House, Brew House and Celebrations Banquet, all aiming to provide an unforgettable experience to the customers.

World Art Dining's reputation is built on great food, equally complimenting a la carte menu, friendly and gracious service and a quest to provide a warm, inviting atmosphere where guests are always welcomed with smiling faces.

The fine dining restaurant is one of the few places who serve any global cuisine and are whole-heartedly focused in serving. But, here is the catch!

World Art Dining believes in the mantra of "no food wastage" and has donated over produced food in the past to the charities that ensure it reaches the hungry.

"While a little less than half of the world population still struggles to put two square meals a day on their plate, people who have easy access to it do not show the due respect towards this humanitarian effort," said Chef Sanjay Chowdhury who is committed to the "Feeding India Program" that works for zero food wastage.

"As a Chef, I fully support any such measure that would help reducing the food wastage and reach out to all those who deserve that bit to rest their hunger," added Chowdhury.

Also, the staff at World Art Dining is trained for food's importance, controlled production, safe and hygienic storage.

"One eats with his eyes before he eats actually," believes GM and Director Dining Experience, Sanjay Chowdhury who holds diverse experience of over three decades together with world's best produce and intricate presentations, which results not only in unparallel dining experience but also reflects a fine balance of skill and art.

Being the restaurant's guest customers, we walked into a space that was quirky yet warm and inviting. Interiors were prime and subtle that reminds one of the comfort and coziness enjoyed at home.


The space provides luxury dining and is well partitioned into a variety of seating options. It is spacious and interestingly comes with an open kitchen where you can easily make endless conversations with the chef about food and culture.

The staff is welcoming, educated, polite, courteous, well-dressed and most importantly take their job seriously.


One is surely going to have tough times from choosing over an extensive and authentic menu as there is too much from cocktails to mocktails, pastas and pizzas to kill for, grills and mains to make you drool, and so much more that makes your appetite increase by manifolds just by its mention.

Staring from the appetizers, Bunny Prawns Crystal, Spicy Vegetable Bao Fold, Chicken And Bamboo Shoot Gyoza, Hawkers Triangle, Melt Cheese And Peppers, Zigzag Fried Chicken, Nizami Ki Shammi are few of the choices you can kick-start with at the World Art Dining.

Let's of course not forget their Napoleon pizza that comes straight out the clay oven. Rich in corn, sundried tomato and jalapeno, the pizza is surely to keep you ask for more.

Jumping on to the main course if you still have little space left in your tummy, then you should order Crispy Fish Salt And Pepper, Murg Tikka Lababdar, Gosht Nalli Nihari, Paneer, Khumb Matter, Wad's Dal-E- Frontier, Dum Ki Murg Biryani, Mix Vegetable Raita And Assorted Indian breads.

However, the food can take as long as 10-15 minutes to reach your table.

Coming to serve your sweet tooth now, Kahlua Tiramisu, Caramal Custard

With Pineapple, Wad's Kulfi Falooda, Rasmalai and the most favorite Red Velvet Cake can easily be termed as "heavenly sinful."


Location: World Art Dining, Club Road Punjabi Bagh

Cost: Meal for two - Rs. 1200 (approx) with alcohol

Timing: noon to midnight. (ANI)

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