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Enjoy decadent desserts this Christmas and New Year with 'Yauatcha'

Updated: Dec 23, 2016 17:20 IST      
Enjoy decadent desserts this Christmas and New Year with 'Yauatcha'

New Delhi [India], Dec 23 (ANI): Chinese dim sum teahouse 'Yauatcha' is all geared for the festive season as it offers an all-day dining experience at Delhi to spread holiday cheer with some special offerings of Desserts.

The dim sum teahouse from London is set to pamper one's sweet tooth with an all new dessert menu across all locations in India.

Trending currently are deserts, not only to serve our palates but to look as appealing as they may taste is the motive.

Age old recipes are being evolved and desert chef's around the world are

turning classic deserts into a luxury food experience.

The specially curated menu comprises of nine new offerings handcrafted with utmost precision. Alongside Yauatcha's signature macaroons, one can enjoy Blueberry pistachio bar with lemon yoghurt sorbet, the delicious Luxe gateau with sherry and raisin ice cream and a delicate Jasmine honey cake with caramelized honey ice cream.

For the chocolate lovers, Yauatcha offers the eggless Chocolate pebble with creme fraiche sorbet, the sinful Chocolate toasted rice with milk sorbet. If you have a more fruitier palate, relish Yauatcha's Pear and almond tart with salted almond ice cream, Citrus tart with mandarin sorbet or the Pomegranate yoghurt gateau with wild flower honey, granola and last but not the least pomegranate ripple for an ultimate treat to your taste buds.

The patrons of the Raspberry delice at Yauatcha must try the refreshed version with a lychee insert served with lychee ripple ice cream which is a summer favorite.

Keep the spirit of Christmas alive this December with Yauatcha's specially curated new menu of desserts. Let the rich amalgamation of two hundred pounds of dark chocolate melt in your mouth and delight your palate this festive season.

These desserts satisfy your craving without adding to the calories and making you feel guilty after having them. Yauatcha ensures that the menu and offerings are kept in rotation depending on the seasonal availability of ingredients thus ensuring the best of produce and freshness to cater to such ever-changing situation. They also have a dedicated flavor of the month which is meticulously selected according to the produce in season.

Launched in 2004 in the heart of Soho in London, Yauatcha has gained immediate critical acclaim and received its Michelin star within a year of opening which it continues to maintain.

It provides a unique dining experience, offering authentic dim sum with a contemporary influence as well as wok dishes and other small eats.

The concept is a modern interpretation of the traditional Chinese teahouse featuring a wide range of Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Taiwanese teas.

The place is currently located in London with other houses in Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. (ANI)

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