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Things most mothers feel but find it hard to admit

Updated: May 18, 2017 17:11 IST      
Things most mothers feel but find it hard to admit

New Delhi [India], May 18 (ANI): Motherhood is undoubtedly rewarding. However, it comes with its share of challenges that completely transforms a mother's life.

You experience vivid emotions of joy, fear, guilt, apprehension while trying to find a new sense of identity as a mother.

The #momsunplugged by Himalaya FOR MOMS captured unscripted, spontaneous, heartfelt conversations between real mothers in a series of films. These films feature a glimpse of the world of motherhood in the most candid way.

Below are five things you may experience as a mother even though it might be difficult to admit.

-Journey From Being a Couple to a Family

It is natural for couples to find less one-on-one time as they try to adjust to the new responsibilities of being mom and dad. Nonetheless, it is also crucial for couples to communicate openly during this phase.

The best way to rebuild the lost connect is by ensuring to spend sufficient time every day to bond with your spouse. As the baby grows, spare time for your partner to do things you loved doing as a couple like going on a date night, watching a movie etc.

-Baby Bonding

Some mothers may immediately connect with the baby while some moms may take time to bond with the baby. Do not feel guilty about being unable to bond with the baby. There is nothing unnatural about it and doesn't make you a bad parent.

The best way to develop a bond with the baby is by accepting that it is alright to initially feel disconnected. You will develop stronger bond as you spend more time with the baby.

-Taking Time to Embrace Maternal Instincts

Every mother has innate maternal instincts. Although sometimes, these instincts take time to evolve within yourself. Do not let it stress you or create unnecessary anxieties.

Allow time to take its course and you will learn to trust your instincts as the baby grows. Eventually, you will understand the moods of your baby and make the right decisions for your little bundle of joy.

-Perfect Order is a Myth

Welcoming a baby can turn the world upside down. For someone who likes things in perfect order, motherhood can introduce them to a chaotic world.

Having a clean house, fluffy pillows, perfectly made beds will be transformed into a haven for diaper bags, baby care items, toys, clothes among others things. Don't be distressed with a slightly less organised house. Over a period of time you will begin to miss it as your little one grows up and the house may not be as chaotic as it once used to be.

-'Me' time becomes baby time

Once the baby is born, your sleep hours may shrink invariably and your baby will be on your mind every time. Try to sync your sleep time with baby's sleep time. In addition to this, it may also be frustrating to be unable to spare alone time for yourself. While it could be difficult in the beginning, ensure to spend at least 15-30 minutes every day to do things you love the most.

It is completely normal to feel anxious about motherhood. The first step to deal with these inhibitions is to accept them in the open. You will also witness many baby milestones that can be cherished for life while the other roadblocks eventually fade. (ANI)

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