Tue, Jan 17, 2017 | updated 04:26 PM IST

PM Modi saves cameraman's life during dam inauguration at Jamnagar

Updated: Aug 30, 2016 18:07 IST
Jamnagar (Gujarat) [India], Aug. 30 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi's alertness during the dedication of ambitious SAUNI project at Aaji 3 dam near Jamnagar today saved the life of a Doordarshan cameraman.

Prime Minister Modi alerted the cameraman, who was positioned at a spot where water was to pass. His camera and tripod was later recovered.

The strong flow of water released a while ago was racing towards the cameraperson and could have washed him away.

Visuals from the incident show Prime Minister Modi standing next to Gujarat Chief Minister Vjay Rupani and pointing repeatedly at something off the frame. Rupani too can be seen gesticulating, asking someone to move away.