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Meet Badal- the cold drink guzzling goat making waves on Eid

Updated: Sep 13, 2016 07:36 IST

Kanpur [India], Sept. 13 (ANI): Badal does not have too long to live as he is going to be slaughtered on Eid, as it is tradition to kill goats, but he has become a superstar in his last few hours by transforming into something of a sensation in his village, thanks to his style and size.

Roughly priced at the same amount of a small car, Badal's presence has created quite a buzz in Kanpur's Bainganganj market, with people coming from near and far just to catch a glimpse of the goat, who as it happens, loves consuming aerated drinks.

Badal was purchased as a lamb by a clothes merchant Aaquib in Surat, when he weighed a whopping 140 kilos and was priced at an insane 3, 10, 000.

Aquib spends around 35 thousands rupees on Badal every month, taking care of his every need, but mostly his diet.

Some of Badal's favourite food items are apples, bananas, ghee, raisins, cashes, grams and wheat. But what is most close to this animal's heart is aerated drinks.

Locals just can't seem to get enough of this cold drink guzzling goat and often take selfies with him, sipping on a drink.

It is only obvious that people are clamouring to own this famous specimen as a man from Gujarat is even ready to shell out Rs. 21 lakhs, but Aquib is adamant that he will not sell Badal at any cost.

However, his feelings do not stem from any fatherly affection as he himself plans to slaughter the goat on the occasion on Eid, as it is custom. (ANI)