Sat, Jan 21, 2017 | updated 11:58 AM IST

Buffalo fair organised in Mashobra village of Shimla

Updated: Sep 17, 2016 09:18 IST

Himachal Pradesh [India], Sept. 17 (ANI): A one-day buffalo fair was organised in Mashobra village, where local residents exhibited different breeds of buffalo.

In earlier times, the fair included fights between buffaloes, but this was banned by the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

Villagers believe that buffalo fights are a part of their rural tradition and religious beliefs. Buffaloes are also offered to the Goddess Kali and Shani Dev at the Bhadra Kali temple near Cragnano, nearly 20 kilometres from Shimla to save them from evil.

The event also showcases folk culture and local exhibits. (ANI)