Thu, Jan 19, 2017 | updated 10:36 PM IST

PropertyPortalWatch puts SquareYards on global top ten list

Updated: Sep 13, 2016 13:47 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 13 (ANI): The global expert on property portals PropertyPortalWatch, which is led by industry expert Simon Baker, the former REA Group CEO has announced the top ten picks for global property portals to watch over next twelve months.

Ranked at number 10, Squareyards is the only India based portal on the list.

"The likes of Square Yards in India are the future of portals which are making use of vast, rich databases which gather detailed information about customers and mass marketing the information and delivering them with much greater value because it's a targeted approach to a sale. The portal of the future will be a data collecting device," said Former REA Group CEO, Simon Baker.

"It understands the behavior of specific buyers in great detail and will be able to work with advertisers to target buyers more effectively for better lead conversion," added Simon Baker.

There are around ten thousand property websites across the World and he has picked the names on the list mainly due to their disruptive business model and innovations. The other real estate portals in the list include US based Trulia, UK based Right Move and Easy Property, Australia based, Real Estate Investar, Mitula Group and Purple Bricks. Italy's Immobiliare, Brazil's VivaReal and Pakistan based Zameen have also found a mention.

At the core of portal offering lies in-depth data and strong 'usable' insights generated through analytics focused on user needs.

Decision drivers such as lifestyle, livability, connectivity, readiness, and value for money indices are an example of this approach. A few examples of currently implemented unique innovations include city level Heatmaps that help in exploring the city and identifying the best-fit locations based on array of factors like price, connectivity, livability etc.

Its Information rich project and unit pages help in evaluating the projects and units through rich and structured information like carpet area as percentage of total area. It also features needs based recommendations which is an automated engine that provides scored and sorted projects and units based on user needs and unbiased algorithms.

Indian Start Ups are becoming trendsetters across the globe. Millions of dollars have been poured into the online real estate space in India over last few years but most players are struggling with the monetization of the business. (ANI)