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Daihatsu releases new MOVE Canbus mini passenger vehicle

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Daihatsu releases new MOVE Canbus mini passenger vehicle

Osaka [Japan], Sept.14 (ANI): Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has launched the new MOVE Canbus mini passenger vehicle nation-wide.

In planning and designing the new model, Daihatsu has focused on this time on the recent behavioral characteristics of women, who make up a large part of the market for mini-vehicles. The Move Canbus was planned and developed to target women who can enjoy their own lifestyles with a slight change to their regular lives.

Daihatsu also turned its attention to the rising trend of car sharing within households due to the increased number of adult children living with their parents, seeking to develop a mini-vehicle that would be accessible to a wide range of generations.

By demonstrating a perceptive understanding of these market developments, Move Canbus*1 represents a mini vehicle that appeals to the lifestyles of women who enjoy change as the wagon boasting a novel style that strikes a balance between design and functionality.

The main features offered by Move Canbus are as follows:

1. A generous and simple rounded silhouette, with an interior and exterior design suggesting an attention to detail

2. New packaging as the first in its class*2 to offer sliding doors on both sides, along with a reimagined layout

3. Employs new items designed to offer ease of use to a wide range of generations, including a Floor-mounted Rack Box, AFS*3 and Panorama Monitor

Daihatsu strives to practice car development that is closest to customers, and has pursued the development of cars that can better enrich people's lives. Looking ahead, Daihatsu will continue launch cars that appeal to the lifestyles of each and every customer by proposing a diverse model lineup tailored to a wide range of needs.

1. Canbus is made up of the words "Can" (representing that anything is possible) and "Bus" (thanks to its minibus-like design qualities), expressing the design philosophy of a car that expands lifestyle possibilities

2.Among mini passenger vehicles with a total height of 1,700mm or less. As of September 7, 2016, based on Daihatsu research.

3. Adaptive Front-lighting System. Steering-interconnected headlamps.

Vehicle Overview

1. A generous and simple rounded silhouette, with an interior and exterior design suggesting an attention to detail

Design Concept: Natural, affection-forming, active

An exterior design that evokes sweetness

- A natural feel is expressed with the rounded silhouette produced by a configuration made up of simple and generous surfaces

- The horizontal tone of the long cabin presents a free and easy mood

- The "Makeup" option offered in the X and G grades employs various plated decorations and clear crystal combination rear lights for a high-grade feel

- Bi-Angle LED headlamps offering an advanced feel and high visibility*4 now feature a cute design incorporating ring-inspired circles and three-point clearance lamps

- Employs 14-inch full wheel caps emblazoned with a dedicated emblem*5

4. Equipped as standard in the G Makeup "SA II" and G "SA II" grades

5. Excluding L and L "SA II" grades

An interior design that evokes a natural feel and comfort

- Presents a natural and comfortable space enclosed in generous surfaces

- Uses an instrument panel in the center of the dashboard to simplify the space around the driver's seat and offer a commanding view

- In the Makeup model, coordinate the interior cabin with plated decoration and interior accent colors that express one's own individuality*6

- Seats employ a plain design with lasting appeal. In the Makeup model, the quality tailoring is emphasized with seat covering that are soft to the touch and dedicated seat piping

- Uses a large, self-illuminated instrument panel in the center of the dashboard to offer superior visibility with minimal driver eye movement

- With the selection of the Black Interior Pack available as a maker option, a chic and composed interior cabin can be presented

6. Available interior colors vary depending on the body color.

Extensive color variations to express one's individuality

- With eight stripe colors and nine monotone colors, selections tailored to preferences can be made from among all 17 colors

- Stripe colors present distinctive break lines as a unique design with two types, a bright and playful white and an adult grey with a high-grade feel

- The newly-developed colors: Fine Mint Metallic, Smooth Grey Mica Metallic and Natural Beige Mica Metallic

2. New packaging as the first in its class to offer sliding doors on both sides, along with a reimagined layout

A relaxed space and high-usability packaging

- New packaging featuring the same total height of the Move series with first-in-class sliding doors on both sides

- Employs a floor mounted rack layout that minimizes the operations required to load packages with the combination of rear sliding doors and the floor mounted rack box

- A relaxed, oppression-free area around the driver's seat free with a header distance of 835mm from the driver's seat to front windshield

3. Employs new items designed to offer ease of use to a wide range of generations, including a Floor-mounted Rack Box, AFS*3 and Panorama Monitor

Employs floor-mounted rack box to provide storage under the rare seat, in a first for a domestic vehicle*7

- Uses a Floor-mounted Rack Box making effective use of the area under rear seats and rear seat foot space, in a first for a domestic vehicle

The rack box can be used as a drawer stowed under the seat. This allows goods to be kept loaded in the car to be easily stowed without being visible from the outside

When the utility box is stood up, it increases in height to allow stable storage of packages that can easily fall over

7. As of September 7, 2016, based on Daihatsu research. Included as standard in all models except L, and L SA II.

AFS steering-interconnected headlamps offering peace of mind when driving at night, employed for the first time in a mini vehicle*8

- For the first time in a mini vehicle AFS to allow reassuring driving at night is used

- The headlamps move in response to steering operations. As the direction of travel is illuminated, visibility on curves at night and at intersections is improved.

Thanks to Bi-Angle LED headlamps*8, even when high-beam lighting is used, the direction of illumination will still change in response to steering operations to ensure high visibility

8. As of September 7, 2016, based on Daihatsu research. Equipped as standard in the G "SA II" and G Makeup

"SA II" grades.

Employs Panorama Monitor in a first for Daihatsu*9

- For the first time, Daihatsu is employing a panorama monitor, which will come in handy while parking and at intersections with poor visibility. By projecting the view in all directions around the vehicle through cameras positioned at four points, a video with a top-down-like view is displayed on the navigation screen. It is also possible to switch between various display modes suited to passing vehicles in narrow streets or negotiating intersections with poor visibility

9. Manufacturer option available as an upgrade pack for installation in genuine navigation systems that support panorama monitor.

Separate installation of panorama monitor-compatible navigation system (8-inch / 7-inch) as dealer option required.

4. Employs the high basic performance and fuel efficient technologies unique to Daihatsu

Basic Performance

- Through optimum reinforcement of the underbody developed with the Move series and the use of a "D suspension", a flat and comfortable riding comfort and reassuring control stability is achieved

- Through motorized power steering control, steering force has been optimized to offer good handling in urban areas and improve convenience when making quick turns for parking

Fuel Efficient

- Employs a resin body, high-ignition spark plugs, low-friction engine oil and e:S technologies including optimized CVT control


- Controls Cd (drag coefficient) values through the use of aerodynamic design and aerodynamic parts

- Achieves fuel efficient 28.6 km/L with 2WD*10, making it eligible for eco-car tax exemption. 4WD models offers excellent fuel-efficient person of 27.4 km/L*11, making it eligible for eco-car tax reductions.

10. 2WD vehicle. Mileage when running in JC08 mode. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

review value.

11. 4WD vehicle. Mileage when running in JC08 mode. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

review value.

Safe and Secure Equipment

- Uses the Smart Assist II collision avoidance support system

Through a combination of cameras, laser radar and sonar sensors, when a heightened risk of collision in front of the car is detected, support to avoid the hazard is provided through emergency braking. In addition, the system alerts the driver when risk of collision with other vehicles or pedestrian is heightened, the risk of lane divergence will be warned and the system also controls against sudden forward or backward lurches due to mistaken depression of accelerator and brake pedals

- With the use of the Hill Hold System, backward motion of the vehicle when starting on a slope is controlled

- Employs Emergency Stop Signal: When driving at speeds in excess of 60km/h, if the brake pedal is depressed heavily, at the same time the brake lights illuminate the hazard lights start to blink at a fast rate to get the attention of vehicles following behind

Equipment for Comfort

- The power sliding doors come with a power sliding door pre-look function. As the doors are closing, pressing the "Lock" button on the electronic key ensures that the door is automatically locked once it has closed.

- In addition to ultra-violet (UV) light, infrared (IR) light that is the main cause of heat is cut, cutting the solar light that gets through in half. This is achieved with the use of Super UV & IR Cutting Glass (Front Door), which not only protects against sunburn but also has the effect of preventing temperature rises within the cabin*12

- Equipped with Super Clean Air Filter with a high dust collection performance to deal with pollen and fine particulars with a diameter of 2.5 µm or less (PM 2.5)*12

- Upgrade pack equipped with panorama monitor-compatible genuine navigation system offering Panorama Monitor (Front Camera, Side Cameras, Back Camera), Audio Panel (Silky White / Silver Decorative Ring), Steering Switch and 16-cm Rear Speakers & Tweeter as a set available as a manufacturer option

- Panorama Monitor-compatible navigation offered as a dealer option includes either a large 8-inch or 7-inch screen, offering excellent visibility when using the Panorama Monitor

- Easily attached, removed and washable seat cloths, available as a dealer option, can be easily attached or removed and are washable. Designs are available in four patterns, namely Striped, Checked, Cinderella or Brown Disney, and can be coordinated to match the interior and exterior decor.

12. Equipped as standard in the G Makeup "SA II" and G "SA II" grades

Sales Outline

Target Monthly Production: 5,000 units

Unveiling Exhibition: Saturday, September 17, Sunday, September 18 and Monday, September 19


Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Prices

[Move Canbus (including consumption tax)]

Grade Engine Transmission Drive Mileage


JC08 Mode Price (yen) Tax Reduction Level

L NA*13 CVT 2WD 28.6 1,188,000 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,312,200 Tax relief*15

L "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,252,800 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,377,000 Tax relief*15

X 2WD 28.6 1,296,000 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,420,200 Tax relief*15

X "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,360,800 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,485,000 Tax relief*15

X Makeup "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,414,800 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,539,000 Tax relief*15

X Limited "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,425,600 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,549,800 Tax relief*15

X Limited Makeup "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,479,600 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,603,800 Tax relief*15

G "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,490,400 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,614,600 Tax relief*15

? G Makeup "SA II" 2WD 28.6 1,544,400 Tax exemption or relief*14

4WD 27.4 1,668,600 Tax relief*15

?: Pictured vehicle

*13: Naturally aspirated engine

*14: Exemption from automobile acquisition tax, Exemption from automobile weight tax, 50% reduction in mini-vehicle tax, as of September 7, 2016

*15: 80% reduction in automobile acquisition tax, 75% reduction in automobile weight tax, 25% reduction in mini-vehicle tax, as of September 7, 2016

?Prices do not include recycling costs. (ANI)

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