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SilverPush releases TV advertising mapping report on smart-phone and mobile operators

Updated: Sep 16, 2016 17:48 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept.16 (ANI-Businesswire India): SilverPush, a data-driven marketing and measurement company, today announced the findings of its TV and digital advertising mapping report on the smart-phone and mobile operator industry for the India market. The report captures the data collected and analysed from June to August 2016. The company's analysis throws spotlight on telecom industry's two major segments, smart-phones and mobile operators and how they follow different paths across screens of television and digital world to attract and acquire their customer base.

The mapping revealed that smart-phone and mobile operator categories continue to demonstrate increasingly bullish attitudes on advertising on both, TV and the digital medium. The two industries are similar with respect to the genres of advertising, with both smart-phone brands and mobile operators advertising heavily on regional and Hindi movie channels as compared to Hindi general entertainment channels (GEC). Smartphone advertisers invest more on Hindi GEC ad spots, while on the other hand, mobile operators are more inclined towards English movie channels to run their TV ads.

SilverPush leveraged the power of PRISM, its real time analytics software to record the TV and digital data of brands, which was collected over the period of June to August 2016 from over 120 popular channels including GEC, movies, news, sports, and regional channels in the country. The market insights showcase the current inclination of brand marketers for advertisements on both TV and digital mediums to communicate with the new gen multi-screen exposed consumers.

"With consistent innovation in technology and making road to success in cross screen space, SilverPush continues to ride on in marketer's interest. PRISM as a real-time analytics software is powering analytics 2.0 for the next generation television advertising, helping brands to calculate the impact of TV ads on digital goals of marketers in real time", said Mudit Seth, Co-founder and CMO, SilverPush.

Other key insights from the market mapping are highlighted below:

. Both, smart-phone and mobile operator industries work hand in hand and advertise on similar TV genres. However, the overall mobile operators are creating lot more noise on TV as compared to smart-phone manufacturing players.

. The focus on regional channels has grown manifolds with southern Indian channels biting the biggest bite of almost 53 percent of the overall pie.

. Both, English and Hindi movie channels are being preferred over GEC channels by almost 49 percent.

. The mobile operator sector invests most of its spots in the movies segment- English and Hindi, while smart-phones prefer the Hindi GEC segment along with movies.

. Regional channels remain the biggest segment in totality capturing the largest approximately 19 percent of the advertising share.

. Smart-phones see a solid spike in ad spots during Prime-Time while non-Prime-Time spots are almost 40 percent less.

. Within the TV category, smart-phones and mobile operator brands are witnessing different consumer behavior trends.

. Unlike the mobile operator sector, the smart-phone segment searches rises along with a rise in TVCs after 6:00 pm, with maximum searches taking place around 10:00 pm.

. On the digital media front, smart-phones and mobile operators target different mediums in a similar proportion to create a dominant standing and brand recall.

. Youtube attracts the largest share with close to 75 percent of advertising activity coming from the mobile operator category.

. Facebook witnesses maximum attention with over 85% of attention attributed to smart-phone manufacturing players.

. Surprisingly Twitter, as a media platform gets the smallest share of focus from brands in the smart-phone and mobile operator categories.

"We will continue to track real-time TV and digital medium using this proprietary technology. By matching the online activity to TV airings across thousands of ads, millions of conversations and hundreds of channels, we believe our market mapping insights and data will further provide intelligent insight to brands", added Mudit.

The full market info-graphic can be viewed at (ANI-Businesswire India)

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