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PM Modi calls upon forces of humanity to join hands to defeat terrorism

Updated: Jul 10, 2016 23:18 IST      
PM Modi calls upon forces of humanity to join hands to defeat terrorism
Nairobi (Kenya), July 10 (ANI): Asserting that the world is facing two critical issues of global warming and terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday called upon forces of humanity to join hands to defeat terrorism.

"The world is facing two critical issues - global warming and terrorism. The sooner forces of humanity join hands, the sooner we can defeat terrorism," said the Prime Minister while addressing 20,000 members of the Indian Community at Kasarani Stadium Complex of Moi International Sports Centre here, adding that India can show the way when it comes to mitigating the menace of climate change.

Commending the Indian community in Kenya for maintaining contact with their Indian roots despite adversity, Prime Minister Modi said he has experienced the full diversity of India and all its fragrances in Kenya.

"You are the true ambassadors of India, the living embodiments of India's eternal values," said the Prime Minister while praising the role of the India Diaspora.

Stating that whatever be the reason and compulsions behind the ancestors of Indians coming to Kenya, he added, "You made it your own land and worked for Kenya's progress.

Terming Africa "vital" for India, the Prime Minister said, "We hosted the India-Africa Summit, where heads of state of African nations came to India. Africa is very vital for India. Our journeys have been shared. We have nurtured and nourished each other in good times and bad."

"India is not a selfish nation. India does not believe in the narrow ideology of self interest alone. We believe in Vasudeva Kutumbakam, the entire world is our family. It is because of you all that the world's way of looking at India has changed and they look at India in a way that makes us all happy," he added.

Saying that at a time when the world is going through an economic downturn, India is the only bright spot, the Prime Minister said, "My intention and desire is to take India's growth rate to 8 percent and beyond. We gave an impetus to good governance and to bring a positive difference in the lives of our citizens. "The main driving force of India's steadfast march on the path of development is the resolve, desire and hard work of 1.25 crore Indians."

"Through the 'Narendra Modi App' you will get all details about what I am doing and you will also know about the Government," he said.

Talking about rural electrification in India and how the Garv App gives timely information on this, the Prime Minister said, "This App will tell you about electrification of villages, a task we have been doing very diligently. Improving the quality of life for the ordinary Indian, that is the main task of my government."

Hailing the Indian youth as "intelligent" who have the strength to "turn soil into gold" in foreign land as well, Prime Minister Modi said, "To tap into the energy of our 800 million youth, we have started a new campaign called 'Start Up India'."

He said the world acknowledges the prowess of our space scientists, who just launched 20 satellites in one go.

He concluded his address by thanking the Indian community in Kenya once again.

A glittering cultural programme was also presented ahead of Prime Minister Modi's address, where Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta also joined him.

"Surprise guest for the community programme in Nairobi...President @UKenyatta joins the programme, meets PM." tweets the Prime Minister's Office (PMO).

Welcoming Prime Minister Modi, President Kenyatta said, "Ours is a relationship that spans well over a hundred years. The fundamental basis of our partnership must remain people to people engagement."

"Glad to have welcomed India's Prime Minister @narendramodi when he met the Indian community in Kenya at Kasarani," tweeted President Kenyatta.

In turn, Prime Minister Modi thanked President Kenyatta for his presence.

"Glad that President @UKenyatta has joined us for the community programme in Nairobi," tweeted Prime Minister Modi. (ANI)

Washington D. C. [USA], May 26 (ANI): The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed President Donald Trump's first appellate court nominee, Indian-American Judge Amul Thapar, overcoming opposition from Democrats.

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Turkey rejects U.S. resolution over D. C. clash

Updated: May 26, 2017 12:46 IST     

Ankara [Turkey], May 26 (ANI): Rejecting a resolution by the U.S. House of Representatives condemning last week's clash outside the Turkish embassy in Washington D.C., Ankara said it "distorts the facts".

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UNAMA receives petition urging trial of Hezb-e-Islami leader

Updated: May 26, 2017 12:28 IST     

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 26 (ANI): United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) on Thursday issued a statement acknowledging a petition received for the trial of Hezb-e-Islami leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar for the alleged crimes committed in Afghanistan.

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London [U.K.], May 26 (ANI): J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series scoffed at U.S. President Donald Trump's infamous gesture at the NATO summit in Brussels, where he appeared to be forcefully pushing aside Montenegro's Prime Minister Dusko Markovic in order to shove his way to the front of a crowd.

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Distraught mother of Manchester victim calls for unity

Updated: May 26, 2017 11:49 IST     

Manchester [U.K.], May 26 (ANI): Charlotte Campbell, mother of 15-year old Manchester bombing victim Olivia Campbell, appealed to everyone to maintain unity in the face of brutal terrorism.

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Dhaka [Bangladesh], May 26 (ANI): The statue of Lady Justice was removed from the premises of the Supreme Court early Friday, on the demand of some Islamist organisations that called it 'un-Islamic'.

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Peshawar [Pakistan], May 26 (ANI): The Peshawar High Court (PHC) has stayed the execution of Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan's Swat chapter's former spokesman Muslim Khan, who was sentenced to death last year by a military court on multiple charges of terrorism.

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Washington [U.S.A], May 26 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump expressed regret over the leaked information in regard to the deadly Manchester terror attack on Thursday.

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Manchester attacker driven by 'injustice against Muslims'

Updated: May 26, 2017 10:00 IST     

London [UK], May 26 (ANI): According to latest revelations about the Manchester arena suicide bomber Salman Abedi, the accused carried out the horror as he wanted "revenge" for the injustices inflicted against Muslims.

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Trump's son in law under investigation in Russian probe

Updated: May 26, 2017 09:24 IST     

Washington [U.S.A], May 26 (ANI): United States President Donal Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner is under investigation in the Russian probe.

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Beijing [China], May 26 (ANI): After a Chinese couple was abducted from Quetta's Jinnah Town, in Balochistan Province of Pakistan on Wednesday, the state run Global Times said that the incident highlights the risks along the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

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Islamabad [Pakistan], May 26 (ANI): Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the reigning King of Saudi Arabia has apologized to leaders, including Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for not presenting them with a chance to address the Riyadh Summit.

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Islamabad [Pakistan], May 26 (ANI): There has been a spurt in cases where Pakistanis have been found to be involved in terror-related activities including, being implicated in drug trafficking and espionage cases across the globe. The country's embassies have been grappling with increasing number of such cases as per well placed sources.

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I'm heartbroken by Manchester attack, says Obama

Updated: May 26, 2017 03:22 IST     

Washington D.C. (U.S.), May 26 (ANI): Former U.S. president Barack Obama today said as the father of two daughters, he is heartbroken by the extraordinary tragedy that has occurred in Manchester.

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Twitterati explodes as Trump moves aside Montenegro PM

Updated: May 26, 2017 03:08 IST     

Brussels (Belgium), May 26 (ANI): After speaking at a NATO summit to world leaders, U.S. President Donald Trump was walking with NATO leaders to another event when he apparently moved aside Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and moved to the front of the group.

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Trump says NATO allies need 'to pay their fair share'

Updated: May 26, 2017 01:47 IST     

Brussels (Belgium), May 26 (ANI): U.S. President Donald Trump has rebuked his fellow alliance leaders for not being 'fair' to the U.S. taxpayers.

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New Delhi [India], May 25 (ANI): Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday visited the Ariana Grande concert blast victims at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

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Former Greek PM injured in envelope explosion

Updated: May 25, 2017 23:16 IST     

Athens [Greece], May 25 (ANI): Former Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos was injured today in an envelope explosion in Athens.

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Four ISIS terrorists arrested in Moscow terror plot

Updated: May 25, 2017 21:34 IST     

Moscow [Russia], May 25 (ANI) : Russian security forces on Thursday have arrested four men linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) terror network and suspected of planning a series of terror attacks on Moscow's transport system.

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Moscow[Russia], May25 (ANI) :At least 13 ISIS linked terrorists were killed in the Philippines city of Marawi where government forces carried out an operation over 70 hostages held captive by the Islamic State linked Maute Group inside the Amai Pakpak Medica center public hospital.

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