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U.S. to cooperate with India on road safety, says Nitin Gadkari

Updated: Jul 12, 2016 11:43 IST

By Anshul Rana

Washington, July 12 (ANI): The United States S will "cooperate fully" and provide India with technical assistance to develop road safety and implement intelligent traffic management systems, Union Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari told media persons here after his meeting with U.S. Secretary of Transport Anthony Foxx.

"Today, we have discussed all our problems about road safety with the DoT officials. also related with rules and regulations, the software and technologies that they already have developed and innovation. They are ready to cooperate", he said.

Describing road safety as one of the highest priorities of the Modi government, Gadkari said that the Road Safety Bill will be introduced during the upcoming monsoon session of parliament.

"The Road Safety Bill is in the final stage. the bill will be presented in this parliament session, and, I am expecting that with the cooperation of all parties, we will succeed in passing the bill," he said.

Expressing concern on the high rate of fatalities and road accidents in India, Gadkari pointed out that this is a direct result of congestion on the national highway system which accounts for only two percent of the country's road network, but accommodates 40 percent of the total traffic.

"One sector where there is more expectation from us (Transport Ministry) is road safety. I am not satisfied. We need innovation, better access control. There is not much awareness and the government needs to give priority to it", he said.

Addressing the delay in tabling the Road Safety Bill in parliament, Gadkari said getting all states and the center to agree is a big task and required the setting up of a committee headed by Rajasthan transport minister Yunus Khan.

He said that committee had considered road safety systems in Canada, USA and Singapore and made its recommendations which were used as inputs to develop the final draft.

To avoid fake and duplicitous licenses, the new bill will recommend national registration and high fines for traffic rule violations. It will also propose a point system similar to the one in the United States where drivers can lose their licenses if they commit more than a certain number of traffic violations.

The United States will also provide technical assistance for the standardisation of Indian codes for road construction.

Gadkari mentioned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) will share its manuals of rules and regulations and codification for road engineering with the Indian side.

Other than road trasnport, American officials also offered cooperation to develop inland waterways network in India.

The Indian government plans to include 111 rivers in this network that could stretch for over 14,500 kilometers.

According to Gadkari, this will bring down logistics cost for manufacturers and create jobs, resulting in realizing the Prime Minister's dream of Make In India.

Earlier in the day, Gadkari met Indian and American business leaders at the U.S.-India Business Council, where he highlighted the range of opportunities available for investors in the transport sector where his ministry has decided to double the national highway network.

The transport ministry team made presentations to the business leaders highlighting investment opportunities worth USD 150 billion with innovative financing schemes.

Gadkari is on a week-long visit to the United States and will travel to New York, St. Louis and San Francisco to meet other transport officials, investors. He will visit the Tesla headquarters, makers of electric cars. (ANI)

Kathmandu [Nepal], Feb. 24 (ANI): Deliberations on the Constitution Amendment Bill finally started on Thursday, almost three months after it was registered at the Parliament Secretariat and a month and a half after it was tabled in Parliament, following the main opposition CPN-UML's decision to stay neutral.

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Faisalabad [Pakistan], Feb. 24 (ANI): A training school aircraft crashed in Faisalabad on Friday, killing the instructor and the trainee pilot.

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Trump rebukes FBI over failure to stop leaks

Updated: Feb 24, 2017 18:50 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 24 (ANI): U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday lambasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for being unable to stop the leaks to the media and directed them to find the leakers right away.

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Pakistan wants good ties with India: Sharif

Updated: Feb 24, 2017 18:14 IST

Ankara [Turkey], Feb. 24 (ANI): Asserting that Pakistan wants to have good ties with India, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said both sides should maintain good relations and avoid indulging in conspiracies against each other.

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New York [USA], Feb. 24 (ANI): A preliminary report by the Chemistry Department of Malaysia has revealed that the chemical substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam was a VX nerve agent, an internationally-banned chemical weapon.

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Beijing [China], Feb. 24 (ANI): China should hire high-tech talent from India for maintaining its innovation ability, a Chinese state-run newspaper said on Friday.

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Kampala [Uganda], Feb.24 (ANI): Indian Vice President M. Hamid Ansari and Speaker of the Parliament of Uganda Rebecca A. Kadaga have reiterated the need for closer cooperation between the parliaments of the two countries, especially in the domain of capacity building and parliamentary exchanges.

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Lahore [Pakistan], Feb. 24 (ANI): Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Friday that yesterday's blast in Lahore's DHA was not an act of terror but an "accident", as forensic samples collected from the site had shown that the blast was a cylinder explosion.

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45 killed in car bomb explosion in Syria

Updated: Feb 24, 2017 15:08 IST

Dubai [UAE], Feb. 24 (ANI): At least 45 people have reportedly been killed and several others injured after a car bomb hit Syrian rebels fighting Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in a village near al-Bab.

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Kampala [Uganda], Feb.24 (ANI): Condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, both India and Uganda have said that the international community needs to be more proactive in countering this menace.

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Kampala [Uganda], Feb.24 (ANI): Vice President M. Hamid Ansari on Friday said both India and Uganda have agreed that there is a great potential for enhancement and expansion of mutual bilateral trade relations between the two nations.

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New Delhi [India], Feb. 24 (ANI): China on Friday said that it supports India and other countries on the issue of terrorism but sees bilateral between the two nations more important.

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Kansas [United States], Feb. 24 (ANI): A 24-year old American Ian Grillot, who suffered injuries in his arm and chest while trying to tackle the shooter at a Kansas city bar who opened fire on two Indian men, is being hailed for his heroic efforts, however, he reckons he did what anyone else would have done at the time.

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New Delhi [India], Feb. 24 (ANI): The United States Embassy today strongly condemned the shooting in Kansas resulting in the tragic death of an Indian engineer, and assured that justice will be delivered and the federal authorities are investigating the case.

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New York [U.S.], Feb. 24 (ANI): An Indian engineer has been shot to dead in Kansas, U.S. in an alleged racial attack, after the gunman was heard shouting "get out of my country".

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New York [USA], Feb. 24(ANI):US President Donald Trump met two dozen manufacturing CEOs and expressed that he's determined to bring back thousands more "real jobs" to the U.S. and to cut trade deficits with countries such as Mexico and China.

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Trump says Chicago needs help

Updated: Feb 24, 2017 06:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 24(ANI): US President Donald Trump expressed shock over the incident in Chicago where seven people were killed and another six were wounded in shootings on Wednesday and calling that the city 'needs help' as the situation is out of control.

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New York [USA], Feb. 24(ANI): A Danish man who posed a video of himself setting fire to the Quran on Facebook has been charged with blasphemy, first such case in the country after almost half a century.

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New York [USA], Feb. 24(ANI): North Korea denied responsibility for Kim Jong-nam's death and accussed the Malaysian authorities of fabricating evidence of Pyongyang's involvement under the influence of South Korea.

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