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Bangladesh pushes back 107 Rohingyas

Updated: Nov 29, 2016 18:02 IST
Dhaka [Bangladesh], Nov. 29 (ANI): At least 107 Rohingya Muslims have been pushed back by the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in Cox's Bazar district.

Trespassing at different points of the Naf river and Ghundhum area were prevented by the two BGB battalions on Tuesday morning.

Teknaf 2 BGB Commander Abujar Al-Zahid was quoted by the Dhaka Tribune, as saying that at least 70 Rohingyas had boarded in seven boats and were pushed back as they were trying to enter Bangladesh illegally through four border points on the Naf river.

Meanwhile, Cox's Bazar 34 BGB Commander Imran Ullah Sarkar said that 37 Rohingyas, which included 13 children, 14 women and 10 men, were pushed back by them from Ghundhum border.

He said that so far 453 Rohingyas have been sent back by BGB this month.

Violence in Mynamar's Rakhine state has claimed the lives of at least 86 people and displaced 30,000 others.

Myanmar troops launched a crackdown in the Rakhine state in response to attacks on three border posts on October 9 that killed nine police officers, since then many Rohingya Muslims have tried to move into Bangladesh illegally.

Accusations by Rohingyas and rights groups of raping women, torching houses and killing civilians during their operations has been denied by Myanmar and the military.

Rohingyas are not recognised by Myanmar as its citizens and are called Bengali by them. (ANI)