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Japanese technology helps make life easier and convenient

Updated: Dec 30, 2016 08:41 IST      
Japanese technology helps make life easier and convenient

Tokyo [Japan]/Jakarta [Indonesia], Dec. 30 (ANI): Many people in Japan prefer small cars as it suits to available infrastructure.

To cater to the needs of its customers, Daihatsu Motor makes small sized automobiles.

The company was established in 1907. In 1955, it introduced the light three-wheeled automobile called the Midget, which can make sharp turns and was economical.

With its mobility to access narrow roads, the vehicle became popular domestically, and was nicknamed "the helicopter in the street".

Afterwards, the company started production of compact cars focusing on light automobiles. In 1967, Daihatsu announced that they were affiliated with Toyota Motor Corporation.

Introduced in 1970, with its own technologies as a roomy, compact, comfortable, and economic car, the Charade broke the existing concept of a small-sized automobile.

It was utilized for taxis in China.

Subsequently, being the driving force of compact car market, Daihatsu produced more than 10 cars domestically till 2010. Introduced in 2014, theTanto became No.1 car in Japan.

Equipped with compact stereo camera in the small car segment the Tanto's original crush avoidance support system "Smart Assist" can detect vehicles and pedestrians ahead and avoid accidents.

With its advanced technologies and sales record, Daihatsu reinforced its affiliation with Toyota in 2016.

In order to boost the compact car businesses in developing countries in the future, a new company that is responsible for compact cars in developing countries will be established at the beginning of 2017.

With its rapid economic growth, Indonesia is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world.

Over 40 percent of the labour force works in agriculture, forestry and fisheries sector. However, the percentage has been decreasing due to out0flowing of labour force into the urban areas.

Now, the stress is being laid on promotion of machines in agriculture sector. For the last four decades, Kubota of Japan has been producing and selling a horizontal diesel engine that is mainly used as cultivators.

The production is conducted by the experienced staff at the same level with it in Japan. With its high market share, Kubota pays special attention to the community-based after-service structure.

For farmers, being unable to control a farm is due to engine problems, which can be an issue of life or death.

In order to cover Indonesia's large area, Kubota established an authentication system that invites in the local workshops that are scattered around the countryside as partnership to provide the community-based services.

Kunihiro Kimura, president Director, Pt. Kubota Indonesia, said, "By providing services and paying attention to details, we make every effort to have the product always used in its best condition. In Asia, although we are aiming to make the horizontal diesel engine to be more available, we predict that mechanization of farm works in areas like Africa or the Middle East will be advanced. With this situation as a background, we think of providing products to areas such as ASEAN or Africa as demanded."

Along with its economic growth, more and more people in Indonesia start wearing glasses.

The world's fourth populous country, Indonesia has over 10 million people using eyeglasses every year.

To tap the huge domestic market, the Japanese optical lens manufacturer, HOYA, has opened a new factory.

HOYA, as a multinational company, is active in two main business domains as Life Care and Information Technology with leading innovation and high technology.

Takahiko Sogo, president, PT. Hoya Lens Indonesia, said, "In the eye care business, HOYA Vision Care company has started manufacturing of the eye glasses in 1962. HOYA drives an innovation and development, and we are providing the superior designed optical glasses to the market, and we are getting higher customer satisfaction."

As a provider for glass lenses for over 20 years, HOYA has earned a great reputation.

Saliman Hadi, Customer Service Supervisor, PT. Hoya Lens Indonesia, said, "We will be able to supply the product of the high quality and with short delivery time which many customers looked forward to by making a local laboratory in Indonesia."

Glasses are essential for living in modern society. It's an enormously pleasure for consumers to be able to access to the products with high quality in a timely manner. (ANI)

Panjgur [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): A Pakistan man was reportedly killed after a mortar shell was fired allegedly by Iranian border guards in Balochistan's Panjgur district on Saturday, a government official said.

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Islamabad [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): The first round of China-Afghanistan-Pakistan Practical Cooperation Dialogue was held in Beijing on Saturday in which the three sides exchanged in-depth views on trilateral cooperation in a friendly atmosphere and agreed to promote practical measures for cooperation.

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London [UK], May 27 (ANI): The terror threat level in United Kingdom has been reduced from "critical" to "severe" after temporarily raising the level in response to Manchester Arena attack in which 22 people were killed and several others injured.

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Trump to make final decision on Paris Accord next week

Updated: May 27, 2017 18:44 IST     

New Delhi [India], May 27 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump has delayed his decision on the Paris Climate Accord, saying that he will make his final decision on it next week.

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Pak reopens Chaman Border crossing after 22 days

Updated: May 27, 2017 17:28 IST     

Rawalpindi [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): Pakistan on Saturday opened the Friendship Gate at Chaman Border crossing on "humanitarian grounds" for Ramzan after remaining closed for 22 days in wake of the alleged Afghan attack in the country that claimed 12 lives.

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India to assist Sri Lanka in flood relief operations

Updated: May 27, 2017 17:20 IST     

Colombo [Sri Lanka], May 27 (ANI): As catastrophic landslides and floods hit parts of Sri Lanka, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has directed concerned departments to provide all necessary assistance to the country in its flood relief operations.

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New Delhi [India], May 27 (ANI): Mauritius Prime Minister Pravind Kumar Jugnauth on Saturday reiterated his country unwavering support to India's legitimate aspiration for permanent membership of the United Nation Security Council (UNSC).

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Nevada: Passenger abused for speaking Spanish

Updated: May 27, 2017 14:09 IST     

Nevada [U.S.A], May 27 (ANI): The United States finds itself plunging deeper into intolerance, as another man found himself on the receiving end of a brutal racist tirade while waiting in the Reno airport, in Nevada.

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US to launch 'first ever' missile test to counter Pyongyang

Updated: May 27, 2017 13:50 IST     

Washington D.C. [USA], May 27 (ANI): The Pentagon has announced plans to test its first-of-its-kind missile intercept in the next week that would involve shooting down an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) - similar to what North Korea recently launched.

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Police arrests two more Manchester attack suspects

Updated: May 27, 2017 13:43 IST     

London [UK], May 27 (ANI): British police on Saturday said that they have arrested two more suspects involved in the Manchester Arena terror attack in which 22 people were killed and 59 injured.

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Manchester terror attack: Two more suspects arrested

Updated: May 27, 2017 13:23 IST     

Manchester [UK], May 27 (ANI): Greater Manchester police have arrested two men from Cheetham Hill in connection to the Manchester terror blasts.

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PTI poll campaign to start after Ramazan: Imran

Updated: May 27, 2017 12:55 IST     

Peshawar [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan has announced that his party would start campaigning for the 2018 general election soon after Ramazan.

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Several feared dead post attack on Afghan forces in Khost

Updated: May 27, 2017 12:43 IST     

Kabul [Afghanistan], May 27 (ANI): In yet another attack on Afghan security forces, a suicide car bomber targeted vehicles belonging to members of the local police force campaign in Khost province on Saturday.

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Pak opposition leaders criticise fiscal 2017-18 budget

Updated: May 27, 2017 12:43 IST     

Islamabad [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): The opposition in Pakistan unanimously condemned the recommendations of the fifth federal budget which was presented by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar on Friday in the National Assembly.

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Islamabad [Pakistan], May 27 (ANI): Hussain Nawaz, the eldest son of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has submitted a plea against two Joint Investigation Team Officers, Bilal Rasool and Ahmer Aziz, expressing his apprehension about the impartiality of the officers in the Panamagate probe.

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Colombo [Sri Lanka], May 27 (ANI): As catastrophic landslides and floods hit Sri Lanka, Colombo on Saturday received Indian Naval Ship INS Kirch with relief items.

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Trump Administration not to host Ramadan event this year

Updated: May 27, 2017 11:29 IST     

Washington D. C. [USA], May 27 (ANI): U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has declined a request to host an event to mark the Islamic holy and fasting month of Ramadan, according to reports.

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NSA to Jimmy Carter Zbigniew Brzezinski passes away

Updated: May 27, 2017 10:27 IST     

Washington [U.S.A.], May 27 (ANI): Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to former United States President Jimmy Carter, passed away on Saturday.

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Skurdo (Gilgit-Baltistan), May 27 (ANI): Anti-Pakistan political unrest is growing by the day in Gilgit with the region's leaders calling on the state of Pakistan to vacate the occupation of the region.

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U.S.: Man yelling 'anti-Muslim' slurs kills 2 on train

Updated: May 27, 2017 09:50 IST     

New York [USA], May 27 (ANI): A man yelling anti-Muslim slurs stabbed two men to death on a Portland, Oregon, commuter train on Friday.

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