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Soringchon Zimik, a rising Tangkhul Theatre artist from Manipur

Updated: Aug 04, 2016 13:03 IST      
Soringchon Zimik, a rising Tangkhul Theatre artist from Manipur

Imphal (Manipur), Aug.4 (ANI): In an endeavor to preserve the rich theatre tradition of Manipur, theatrical societies have taken up the challenge to revive theatre. Manipur's first Tangkhul Naga theatre artiste Soringchon Zimik is once such individual who has won many hearts with her exhilarating performances.

Manipuri theatre is incomplete without the participation of its tribal communities. Their physical involvement and participation in theatrical enterprises or movement is unmatchable.

Sorinchon Zimik, 26, from Ukhrul district is the first emerging Tangkhul Naga theatre artiste in Manipur.

She is also among the first tribal artistes to receive "Young Artiste Scholarship" award from the central government for excelling in theatre, as her work has helped to promote the region's tribal culture.

Sorinchon started her career with singing gospel songs in local churches of her village and the nearby region.

After working hard for years, Sorinchon got her first major break in the S Thaninleima's Khengjonglang Theatre Group during a 45-day workshop conducted in Ringui village of Manipur.

Under the sponsorship of the National School of Drama, New Delhi, she had been a part of the theatre workshop for four consecutive times.

Wungnaoyo Zimik, her father, said, "Since we are from the hilly area and people mostly survive by doing field work (Paddy field), our family too, had financial hardships. But knowing her zeal and interest in theatre from the initial stage, my family always supported her to fulfill her dreams. But today after seeing her performance, I could see her hard work and perseverance and I am very proud to be her father."

Sorinchon said, "I believe that by showcasing and depicting story of our people through this kind of a play can promote and develop our culture as well as bring unity within the society. For this, first and foremost, I would like to give credit to God for giving me such opportunities in life. And then I would like to give thanks to my parents because of their unceasing support, financially, morally and mentally, today I have reached up to this platform."

Sorinchon's recent debut solo play titled 'Rose' in Imphal, had won accolades for her.

The 50-minute play depicts the immortal spirit of a woman who rises from her coffin at midnight and narrates her heart wrenching story of how she fell victim to army brutality under the draconian law- AFSPA.

The show was presented by Soraren Repertory Theatre based in Imphal.

Dr. Abhiram Mongjam, a member of the audience that watched Sorinchon perform, said, "It is fantastic and it is not only given enjoyment but also reminds us the earlier incident that happened in Ukhrul district. At that time, we were very young and when we read in the papers, at that it was just a reading but when we saw this performance acting by a lone girl, it really gives us the vivid feelings. And I think the director and the producers; they have done very well and beautifully produced it."

N. Jadumani Singh, a well known theatre personality, said, "I am very happy and enjoyed the show. Even though she comes from the hills and as there are no proper facilities for theatre artistes in our state, she overcame all the hurdles and performed so well today. I can say that she is one the emerging finest young theatre artiste who really works hard and polish her skill."

The success of Sorinchon has set an example for others that one can achieve anything with hard work and a never- say-die spirit.

Her hard work and perseverance is surely an inspiration for youngsters in the region. (ANI)

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