Sun, Jan 22, 2017 | updated 11:28 AM IST

Netflix plans second season of 'Stranger Things'

Updated: Aug 07, 2016 18:34 IST

London, Aug.7 (ANI): Citing heart warming response for Netflix original drama 'Stranger things', the streaming services' chief executive Reed Hastings has said that it would be "dumb" not to commission its second season.

Though Netflix has not released viewing figures for its shows, but Hastings did point to ratings on popular websites such as IMDB to prove the show's popularity, reports the Independent.

"Because we don't have advertising we are under a whole different model to not compare all the shows and rank other shows because it kind of doesn't matter what everybody loves the most, it matters what you or I love most," he said.

"You can get approximations ... if you look on IMDB, the most popular TV show right now is Stranger Things, so that's a reasonable proxy. It's not that there's no data, just that we don't give out our data," he added.

While no information about whether the second season has been penned yet or not is revealed, but the creators of the show have hinted that they plan an even darker follow-up.

Meanwhile, a release date for the soundtrack to 'Stranger Things' has been announced. (ANI)