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Mawra Hocane downplays link-ups, says 'I enjoy whatever is written about me'

Updated: Aug 24, 2016 14:02 IST

Karachi, Aug. 24 (ANI): Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane, who has been making headlines on account of alleged link-ups with her co-star Harshvardhan Rane, Sooraj Pancholi and Ranbir Kapoor, recently said that such speculations don't bother her anymore.

The 23-year-old actress, who made her Bollywood debut with 'Sanam Teri Kasam,' in an interview with Express Tribune said that she has become immune to such rumours.

"I never actually had a dating controversy here in Pakistan. In India, on the other hand, such rumours are part of the deal," she said.

Slamming stories about her alleged affairs, she explained, "None of it is true but I've realised that it's all part of the work I do. So now, I simply enjoy whatever is written about me. Yes, sometimes it is hurtful but in the end, the truth always reveals itself, no matter what."

Recalling the rumours of a secret romance between Ranbir and herself after she expressed her admiration for the 'Tamasha' actor over social media, she said: "You see, everyone matures. I am well aware of where I stand today and how what I say or do can become a headline. I don't mention Ranbir anymore, but still get his name in scripts at award shows, so I avoid the topic altogether."

When asked about her forthcoming projects, the starlet chose not to reveal the details.

"If I share more information too early, the pressure becomes too much by the time the film is released," explained the starlet, who is currently working on a serial.

However, she only revealed that the director of the projects is "critically acclaimed" and this is the major reason she took it.

Explaining her move to take up television projects, she said, "There is massive pressure on Pakistani actors to take up serials as fans connect with those, more than films."

Speaking about her last release 'Sanam Teri Kasam,' Mawra confessed, "It was a very emotional project as I had to live the life of a girl dying every day for so long and be okay with it after the shoot ended. It made me kind and passionate but vulnerable too."

Adding, "The miseries portrayed in just one hour of the film stayed with me much longer. I hope I can become a less sensitive actor one day, because I won't be able to take a break after every film."

Looking up to Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra, she says that she believes PeeCee can do absolutely anything and she wants to follow her footsteps.

"Social pressure isn't just in Pakistan but across the globe and actors feel it from their respective societies. Priyanka handles it so well and everyone is just applauding her. I hope to do different things just like her and be proud of them, someday," she added.

During the interaction, Mawra also expressed her wish to be part of a period drama or biopic on late singer Nazia Hassan.

"I used to hear Nazia's stories from my mother while growing up and feel a deep connection with her," she said.

Responding to critics who felt 'Sanam Teri Kasam' did not do well, she said, "I had a lot of offers before the film but I didn't do them as I felt ' Sanam Teri Kasam' could portray me at my best. People don't recognise you if an actor's part is not influential enough. I needed a part like Saru [her character in the film] to arrive in films, whether in India or Pakistan." (ANI)

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