Mon, Jan 23, 2017 | updated 01:56 AM IST

Lady Gaga altercation with cops in 2 weeks of getting driver's license

Updated: Jul 18, 2016 17:04 IST

Washington D.C., July 18 (ANI): It's just been two weeks that she got her driving license and Lady Gaga is already experiencing the downsides of driving.

The 30-year-old singer had her first run-in with the cops on July 15, reports the People magazine.

While driving in her red Ford F-150 SVT Lightning pickup truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, Gaga was pulled over by a police officer.

The ' Bad Romance' singer took to Twitter the next day to clear up the situation.

"Ya I got pulled over. Big deal! I just haven't received plates yet for my new pick up!" she wrote. (ANI)