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KJo reveals real face of interviews

Updated: Jul 22, 2016 11:46 IST      
KJo reveals real face of interviews

New Delhi, July 22 (ANI): Interviews or chat with celebs are more than what we apparently see.

Karan Johar, in his latest article for NDTV, while talking about the relationship between media and celebs, said that "there are things unsaid and said" from both the sides in an interview.

Terming the equation between journalists and celebs to be "very odd but deeply committed relationship" in a "dysfunctional family, or a marriage," the 44-year-old filmmaker said, "And, so, in most relationships, there is always that moment when you say we say "we need to talk." We just call them interviews. And in both cases, on both sides, there are things unsaid and said."

Adding to this, the Dharma production honcho gave some examples to justify his thoughts.

"Journalist says: You wear many hats as a filmmaker, but why do you think it's important to also host talk shows and judge reality shows and even dance on them? Journalist thinks: You fat fool! Have you seen yourself move? You look like Veeru Krishnan on Ecstasy meets a nauch girl in denial. And those expressions? You think they're sexy? Go back to that therapist you keep banging on about. Celebrity (me) says: I'm an entertainer. Multitasking is an art form and I seem to have mastered it. As for dancing, oh that's just silly. I do it for the fans. Celebrity (me) thinks: I have to judge reality shows. Do you know how much they pay?? They pay much more than films do, and all I have to do is pass a few judgments and spout opinions and it's so much easier than making an over-budgeted film with deluded, over-priced movie stars and a wardrobe budget and a set budget ALL because of these "aesthetics" that I have to stand by for no good reason! And I have shopping of my own to do. Bigger cars than the other filmmaker so that I look rich. Note: they always pay you more when they think you don't need it! A cupboard bursting with designer clothes because I have a sense of style to live up to. What about all these things? WHO WILL PAY?" he wrote.

Giving another example, he said, "Journalist says: Why are your comments always sexual and your analogies laden with innuendo? On the Roast and otherwise? Journalist thinks: Are you just horny, undersexed, desperate and a modern day Dada Kondke? You're pretending you're very liberated, but the truth is you're just horny! I say: I'm a liberal person and I think we're an evolved society and freedom of expression is something I hold very close to my heart.

Journalist thinks again: Horny! I think: Of course, I'm bloody horny! You think it's easy to get sex in an industry where all eyes and the paparazzi's are on you? Not at all. And I've tried very hard. You think that casting couch exists? I have a couch in my office that I've stared at hoping that I can get someone on it, but no. Some sense of morality and my mother's upbringing kicks in. But I've thought about it. MANY.A.TIME."

Finally, Karan concluded his article saying that he carries no thought of divorcing his partner (here media) anytime soon as "this is a relationship, and somewhere beneath all the resentment and rumblings and grumblings, we're (mostly) better together."

"So while we may not want to kiss the bride, clearly we're stuck: in sickness and in health, for richer (probably not for poorer), and definitely till death do us part. And since you've seen how celebrities funerals play out, possibly a little longer than that too," ends the article. (ANI)

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