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SRK gifts fans with witty banter on Twitter

Updated: Oct 11, 2016 15:17 IST      
SRK gifts fans with witty banter on Twitter

New Delhi [India], Oct. 11 (ANI): Fans of Shah Rukh Khan have been having a gala time for almost five days now, asking and getting funny, lighthearted answers from the actor on the social media.

Here are some of the tweets and replies:

"u look more sexy now than ur younger self. Secret?"

SRK: "Really??? That's a good line to wake up to."

"hello sir..oops Don.. how many surgeries u hav undergone till now....?"

SRK: "I think 9"

"Are Bengali girls most beautiful according to you??"

SRK: "All girls r beautiful....young old tall short dark fair each & everyone from all parts of the world"

"how will you celebrate #InternationalGirlChildDay today?"

SRK: "By hugging every lady I meet today and tell them thank you for giving me the strength to live life well."

"For what did you make the tattoo on your chest??"

SRK: "Have inscribed my name school name and the standard I study in . In case I get lost on a school picnic trip."

"what is your thought about money. How much more you want to earn"

SRK: "Wealth values and legacy matter not monies. And for the former u have to work tirelessly all ur life."

"Please watch the tabla version of Jabra Fan!"

SRK: Kya say hai. Thank u (meaning "Kya baat hai")

"Now the ready excuse for everything will be...agar Pierce Brosnan Kar sakta hai toh humko bhi maaf hai"

SRK: "U were Manikchand for years. did u need an excuse. He is Bond he comes with the warning 'he is injurious to health.'"

"No man looks as beautiful as this man when he cries" (referring to a 'Kal Ho Naa Ho' track)

SRK: "Bhai aise mat bol waise hi log bahut rulaate rehte hain. Smile bhi toh theek hi hai apna, dimplewala"

"Ur experience in working with Imtiaz Ali ???"

SRK: "Gently romantic and easy going."

"Shah how's your knee?"

SRK: "Still very attached to the ankle and the thigh."

"why did you give up release date of #Raees ??"

SRK: "I am not a very dependable dater."

"When you are playing a character do you live with the character until the film ends or click off when u pack up?"

SRK: "I have a process where I live the character all the time while film is being made but I don't live with him."

"one word fr @akshaykumar sir.. I know you wont reply" (Well, he did!)

SRK: "Hardworking and very cool."

"do you love me?"

SRK: "Was only born to love you"

"How many pokemons have you caught till date?"

SRK: "About 118"

"Can you walk past a mirror without looking at yourself?"

SRK: "Yes I can but the mirror can't stop itself from looking at me."

However, the conversation abruptly ended when a national daily budged into the casual conversation.

"Oh my God, professional journalists r doing #AskSRK. This is getting serious," the 'Fan' star seemed to stiffen immediately.

The 50-year-old star was replying to @bombaytimes, that asked "What about #RanbirKapoor ? How is he as an actor according to you?"

Shah Rukh added "He is tremendously talented." before he excused himself signalling that the answering game had officially come to an end.

"Thanks for ur questions & v will do this again soon. Most lov to those who I couldn't reply," he tweeted. (ANI)

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