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These regional heroes made it big in Bollywood in 2016

Updated: Dec 29, 2016 17:43 IST      
These regional heroes made it big in Bollywood in 2016

New Delhi [India], Dec 29 (ANI): Regional actors have not just emerged from different industries but have also carved a niche with their performances in Hindi cinema.

As the year comes to an end, we look back to those names who came in from different worlds and today are instead carrying an independent fan base amongst the Hindi movie goers.

Prabhas aka Bahubali

A personality whose made it humongous in the Hindi cinema is Prabhas aka Bahubali who has created history of sorts. The actor who is phenomenally big in the south market turned into an overnight national celebrity with the film Bahubali. Prabhas who plays the titular role won millions of hearts and also has created a wide fan base especially amongst the kids thanks to his superhero portrayal of his character in the film.

The high octane action that Prabhas has performed in the film was introduced to the audiences for the first time that captivated every single person. It almost gave goosebumps to the audiences in the theater. Infact it doesn't just end here, what followed was Prabhas's flagship pose of the actor carrying a shivling in the film got such attention that during the Ganpati fest, pandals started sketching an idol of Prabhas's pose.

This only suggests the sign of how widely Prabhas has connected to the audiences pan India! Diwali crackers which got made and named after Prabhas called Bahubali Bomb! Additionally there were toys and merchandise that got made after Prabhas for children amongst whom Bahubali was a big hit.

Prabhas, has made his impact in Bollywood with his breathtaking performance in 'Baahubali- The Beginning'. When the trailer of the film was out, it had surprised everyone and left everybody with a jaw dropping expression! This has left the audiences restless who cannot wait to have a glimpse of the sequel that's set to release next year. Prabhas is in the midst of the shoot of the sequel currently.

Diljeet Dosanjh

One such example was Diljeet Dosanjh whose film 'Udta Punjab' who created an independent space for himself though the film. Originally the actor who is big in the north market has intrigued the audiences in his very first film aka debut with Abhishek Chaubey directorial Udta Punjab that also starred Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Kareena Kapoor. The actor whose also a popular singer has created waves with his music singles which have proven to be hit across quarters!

The actor whose next release is set to be 'Phillauri' will be seen opposite Anushka Sharma in the film. The pairing is set to entice audiences as both the actors will be sharing screen for the first time. The film is a unique love story set in Phillau, Punjab.There will be a combination of both romance and comedy.


Venkatesh Prabhu who is known by his stage name Dhanush is popular for his work in Tamil movies.

The versatile actor made his debut in Bollywood with 'Raanjhanaa' starring opposite Sonam Kapoor. The actor garnered accolades from the audiences for his powerful performance! Appreciation started pouring in for the actor who was touted be another hero on the block to be paving way in the Hindi Cinema. The actor who is a national award holder has a habit of stunning audiences with his sheer performance!

Reports are doing the round that the actor's next Hindi project is set to be remake of Mani Ratnam.

It would be amazing to see which all reginal heroes make it big in 2017. (ANI)

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