Mon, Jan 23, 2017 | updated 09:56 AM IST

These startups pushing augmented reality forward in India

Updated: Jul 30, 2016 14:43 IST

By Pallavi Aman Singh

New Delhi, Jul 30 (ANI): With smartphones getting smarter, augmented reality (AR) mobile games like Pokemon Go are trending among the gadget freaks across the world.

Mr Hemant Singh, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Houssup, an ecommerce platform for interior design, told ANI: "Augmented reality market will radically increase the consumer engagement time with various brands, depending on the quality of the content, the engagement time will be 5X-10X, which in turn will raise the conversion ratio for the brands. Thus we can safely assume that brands doing Augmented Reality based advertisement will see 5x- 10x jump in their revenues and profits."

According to him, "The immersive nature of content delivery using AR will hook consumers and brand discovery as happening today will completely change."

India may have been slightly late in joining this technological advancement, but there are few startups that have opened the gate for AR and virtual reality (VR) and are changing the experience of customers.

Before Pokemon Go comes to India, take a look at few companies that are dabbling in augmented reality/virtual reality space.

- Shopsense: This Mumbai-based startup offers the ease of online shopping in stores. It installs large touchscreens connected with the store's inventory, which allow customers to zero in on clothes easily. Customers can create various looks-which kurti goes with a given pair of slacks before trying them on and even seek friends' opinions over e-mail and WhatsApp using the screen.

- Houssup: It is a technology-backed platform that bridges the gap between design inspiration and its implementation for home owners. With an aim to provide interior designing solutions using advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, this company aims to provide an unsurpassed home decoration experience to its customers.

- LensKart: This company has introduced a virtual trial room feature, where its potential buyers can try on the spectacles before they purchase them. Buyers can click a selfie through their webcam and pick out glasses that best suit their face through a 3D feature.

- CommonFloor: This one has forayed into virtual reality-based property listings with CommonFloor Retina, based on Google's Cardboard project. Users can then launch the app, insert the phone inside the headgear and start viewing a virtual tour of the property. The headgear also comes with a magnet that acts as navigational tool allowing users to switch between different parts of a property like bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room among others.

- Imaginate: It is a renowned AR and VR based technology enterprise, which offers innovative visualization products and services. Through its strong and proven technology expertise, it offers experiential solutions in the fields of retail, defense, enterprise, finance, entertainment and healthcare sectors. (ANI)