Wed, Jan 18, 2017 | updated 12:40 AM IST

Bobble Keyboard launches globally after massive success in India

Updated: Sep 14, 2016 13:42 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 14 (ANI): Bobble Keyboard has been launched in more than 150 countries on Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

An Android and iOS app to make mobile conversations more expressive and personal, the Bobble Keyboard been downloaded more than six million times in less than 15 months of its India launch.

The USP is real-time personalization of content; with users' own faces and relevant text.

Bobble's journey started as a selfie-based sticker app. Users can click a selfie, and get unlimited stickers with their face. Subsequently, Bobble released its keyboard as a distribution channel. For instance, a user can send Bobble's content while chatting on Whatsapp. There is no need to switch between the Whatsapp conversation and Bobble.

It has been consistently ranked number one in its category. In real time, Bobble's technology adjusts the expression on every face to match the emotion of the sticker. Also, the face tone of each head is adjusted to match with sticker body and theme.

All text on stickers is customizable by users in any language. Personalized content is recommended to users based on the tone and tenor of the input text, through a self-learning algorithm.

All content on Bobble is free of cost. Users can download as much content as they wish from the 'Bobble Store'.

"The only input our technology needs is a selfie. While adding extra features, we have ensured that our users don't have to put in extra work. User experience is paramount for us," said Co Founder Bobble, Mohd. Wassem.

"We are quite excited about some of our upcoming content formats, including personalized emojis and personalized GIFs. We aspire to add value to our users with our unique capabilities. We're humbled by the overwhelming response in India, especially from school and college students," added Mohd. Wassem. (ANI)