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'Online' porn fuels sex addiction  Nov 24, 11:03 am
Washington D.C., Nov. 24 (ANI): A new study has suggested that online porn may motivate sex addicts' to intensify their search for new sexual images than their peers.
Guess Julianne Moore's ultimate addiction.  Nov 15, 4:48 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 15 (ANI): Julianne Moore has revealed that Twitter is the one thing she is addicted to.
Addictive sleeping pills 'easily available online'  Nov 5, 11:25 am
Washington D.C, Nov 5 (ANI): A new report has warned against the addictive sleeping tablets that are easier to buy illegally online than ever.
Smoking, an escape to `drowse-free` alcoholism  Oct 28, 8:44 am
Washington D.C, Oct 28 (ANI): A recent study delved into the complex relationship between cigarettes and alcohol has come up with an explanation as to why many boozers also are smokers.
Internet infidelity can be addictive  Oct 26, 2:40 pm
London, Oct 26 (ANI): Online infidelity can be addictive, according to a recent study.
Anti-smoking drug may help treat 'betel nut' addiction  Oct 22, 8:27 am
Washington D.C, Oct 22 (ANI): A team of researchers has found key clues about 'betel nut' addiction that plagues millions worldwide.
Travis Barker was a drug addict  Oct 17, 2:53 pm
Washington D.C., Oct.17 (ANI): Travis Barker has revealed that he was a drug addict at one time.
Marijuana may not be `gateway` drug  Oct 17, 11:28 am
London, Oct. 17 (ANI): Contradicting the common belief that weed is a gateway drug, a researcher has claimed that smoking pot does not necessarily cause addiction to other drugs.
Smokers at greater risk of codeine addiction  Oct 17, 8:02 am
Washington D.C, Oct 17 (ANI): A new research has revealed that nicotine gives brain more codeine relief, putting smokers at a higher risk for addiction.
Kourtney K's ex Scott checks into rehab for drug addiction  Oct 15, 5:06 pm
Washington D.C., Oct.15 (ANI): Scott Disick has recently checked into a rehabilitation to seek treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.
New drug for booze addiction comes closer to reality  Oct 15, 8:01 am
Washington D.C, Oct 15 (ANI): A team of researchers might be one step closer to finding an effective drug for alcohol dependence, bringing hope for the peope who are ready to recover from alcoholism.
Having famous actor Tom Hanks as dad turned me to drugs, says son Chet  Oct 2, 1:21 pm
Melbourne, Oct.2 (ANI): Tom Hanks son, Chet, has finally opened up about his struggle with drug addiction by posting a series of videos where he reveals that he is recovering from his cocaine consuming habit.
`Kicking the butt` helps in alcohol addiction recovery  Oct 1, 10:52 am
Washington D.C., Oct. 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that smokers with a history of alcohol problems are at a greater risk of relapsing than the non-smokers.
Shopaholic? How deep is your addiction?  Sep 30, 12:13 pm
Washington D.C, Sept 30 (ANI): Shopaholics, now you can know how deep is your addiction as a team of researchers has developed a new and unique method to measure shopping addiction: The Bergen Shopping Addiction Scale.
Alcohol, drug addicts far likelier to smoke  Sep 27, 12:23 pm
Washington D.C, Sept 27 (ANI): A team of researchers has revealed that around the world, those who are treated for addiction are far more likely to smoke.
Boozing much? Anti-diabetic drugs can help you with that addiction  Sep 26, 7:48 am
Washington D.C, Sept 26 (ANI): If you want to get rid of the alcohol addiction, then this is for you. A recent study has found that diabetes medication can be used to treat alcohol dependence.
And the bizarre addiction of R Patz is...  Sep 14, 8:14 am
Melbourne, Sept 14 (ANI): Revealing about his jones, Robert Pattinson said that he actively seeks out reviews that slam his acting and hates watching himself on the screen.
Addiction risk varies with tiny 'hits' of nicotine  Sep 13, 10:36 am
Washington, Sept 13 (ANI): A study has explored never-smokers' vulnerability to nicotine addiction.
This is how 'sober' Matthew Perry overcame 'public' drug abuse   Aug 22, 2:54 pm
Washington. D.C. Aug. 22 (ANI): American TV actor Matthew Perry recently opened up about his struggle with alcohol and drug addiction and revealed how he finally got sober and overcame it.
Here's how '100kg' Eminem overcome drug addiction   Aug 4, 2:30 pm
Melbourne, Aug 4 (ANI): Eminem has revealed how he overcome drug addiction with the help of intensive workouts and exercise sessions after leaving rehabilitation centre, when he weighed more than 100 kilograms.
Here's how `100kg` Eminem overcome drug addiction   Aug 4, 2:05 pm
Melbourne, Aug 4 (ANI): Eminem has revealed how he overcome drug addiction with the help of intensive workouts and exercise sessions after leaving rehabilitation centre, when he weighed more than 100 kilograms.
E-cigarettes worse than traditional ones when it comes to addiction  Jul 23, 1:09 pm
Washington DC, July 23 (ANI): While you may think that switching to e-cigarettes from traditional ones would help cure your addiction, a new study claims that e-cigs may be more addictive.
Researches claim low nicotine cigarettes may not curb smoking   Jul 23, 11:49 am
Washington DC, July 23 (ANI): The FDA might have thought that low nicotine content cigarettes might function as a measure to make cigarettes non-addictive but a recent study conducted on the same shows opposite results.
Drug addiction can now be chased with intellectual pursuits  Jul 15, 12:28 pm
Washington DC, July 15 (ANI): For those who think drug addiction is hardwired in the brain, a new study on mice claims that even a short time spent in a stimulating learning environment can buffer the brain against drug dependence.
De La Hoya considers return to boxing at 42  Jun 23, 5:48 pm
London, June 22 (ANI): American boxer Oscar De La Hoya has hinted that he may return to boxing at the age of 42, while admitting that he feels emotionally and physically 'great' after he overcame his long-standing battle with alcohol addiction.